3 Oaks Gaming expands its promotional tools with Lucky Drops

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3 Oaks Gaming expands its promotional tools with Lucky Drops

Lucky Drops is going to be the latest promotional tool offered by 3 Oaks Gaming.

The new tool is designed to drive player engagement and improve the operator’s retention and churn rates. It works by awarding players a random selection of prizes from an award pool over a predetermined amount of time. The prizes can be customized by the operator and can be quite varied, ranging from cash to multipliers.

Additionally, the tools will feature a unique Hot Period mechanic that will aim to keep players engaged between new content launches and promotional campaigns. The tools will monitor each player’s activity and tailor all of its parameters to achieve optimal results.

Lucky Drops will have a simple and effortless integration process with the studio’s first party titles, enabling operators to boost their statistics in no time.

Our set of promotional tools is already known in the industry for its top quality and excellent results, so we are looking to further solidify its positions and expand its capabilities with our latest addition, Lucky Drops. The new tool is designed to fill in the gaps of lesser activity between promotional campaigns and new media launches, helping operators keep a more consistent level of engagement all year round. Additionally, it will also enhance the experience for the players as every spin will have immense winning potential.

remarked the managerial director at 3 Oaks, Sebastian Damian.

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