3 Oaks Gaming now offering integration-free jackpots

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3 Oaks Gaming now offering integration-free jackpots

3 Oaks Gaming is adding integration-less jackpots to its collection of promotional tools.

The iGaming provider 3 Oaks Gaming has recently launched their latest marketing solution, their jackpot product that requires no integration, helping more operators implement high quality promotional campaigns.

The new service has been designed to deliver a seamless jackpot campaign, while also requiring the least effort possible to attract more customers of various sizes and capabilities. It will support both single and multi-brand operators, further tailoring the product for the masses.

Additionally, the service will offer multiple jackpot types and levels. There are four tiers of regular jackpots, with the largest awarding one being called the Grand. In addition to that, there are two other, more unusual types of jackpots: must-drop and timed.

The must-drop ones are pretty self-explanatory, and the timed ones will require the player to play for a certain amount of time to award their prizes. Moreover, the times, prize amounts and many other variables are all accessible to the operator, letting them configure the product to suit their needs.

We are quite excited to announce our latest addition to our promotional toolset. It is quite an exciting proposition for our operator partners, as it will enable them to massively increase their retention and engagement without requiring a costly and time consuming setup process. Additionally, it will greatly benefit operators of various sizes and capabilities, thanks to it being integration-free. We are looking forward to finding out what our associates think of our new offering.

stated the managerial director of 3 Oaks Gaming, Sebastian Damian.

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