3 Oaks Gaming to supply its products to St8.io

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3 Oaks Gaming to supply its products to St8.io

St8.io will integrate the high quality media developed by 3 Oaks Gaming on its platform

Through the deal the aggregator will gain access to a list of top-notch products developed by 3 Oaks Gaming. This will involve all of the developer’s online casino titles, including a couple of sought-after items such as Big Heist and Sticky Piggy.

This partnership will greatly impact the platform provider’s growth in a positive way, as having the products developed by experienced studios like 3 Oaks Gaming will improve the quality of their offerings massively.

We are excited about this partnership, as it is always our aim to expand our player base through any way possible, including collaborations with renowned aggregators like St8.io Their platform solutions will provide players with an excellent place to play our catalog of high quality titles. We are looking forward to this collaboration.

remarked Sebastian Damian, the managing director at 3 Oaks Gaming

Partnering with an industry-leading iGaming developer like 3 Oaks Gaming is quite a big achievement for us as we work hard to expand our operations quickly around the globe. Our new associates have a sizable portfolio of some of the industry’s best titles, which we are proud to have accessible on our platform.

commented the chief executive officer of St8.io, Vladimir Negine.



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