A guide on iGaming localization provided by Uplatform

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A guide on iGaming localization provided by Uplatform

One of the top providers in the industry, Uplatform is offering its clients meme power as a route to localization of their services.

The company announced that the combination of visuals and good humor can be applied to good effect as a great commercial tool in the iGaming industry.

Uplatform’s new guide is titled We don’t meme around: Real Localization, Real Insights.

The company describes it as “a comprehensive guide promising to shake up how businesses tackle iGaming localisation beyond just translation, language support, or cultural adaptation”.

Uplatform says via the guide, complex concepts are transformed into engaging visual content.

The company commented in a press release:

By presenting intricate ideas through a lens of humor and relatability, Uplatform makes sure that readers will get clear, actionable insights that can be applied to their localization efforts. Uplatform understands that success in the iGaming industry hinges on creating engaging, localized experiences that resonate with players across diverse cultures and languages. This guide provides insights on tailoring your entire iGaming project to meet the needs of specific markets, ensuring your players feel at home with you. From offering regionalised content, payment methods, and local languages to diverse odds, views, and personalised promotions, this guide will show you how to create a captivating experience that resonates with your target audience.

Topics covered include region-specific insights, recommendations on content likely to be engaging, marketing advice, and tips on increasing player loyalty.

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