Abios enhances content with Beter

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Abios enhances content with Beter

Beter will be providing Abios with additional eSports content.

The eSports data company Abios has recently partnered with the iGaming software provider Beter to enrich its e-basketball and e-football products.

The partnership takes place as the companies have set out strategies involving virtual sports and the growth of its market, as they are a great way to fill event gaps during off-seasons and have shown strong performance during the prolonged absence of sports leagues experienced during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the deal was assisted by a third party betting corporation, Betbazar.

The eSports data firm’s chief executive, Oskar Froberg, commented on the collaboration and said:

We’re ecstatic to work with Betbazar for the data procured by BETER

They continued:

By enhancing our e-soccer and e-basketball product catalog through this cooperation with our colleagues, our aim is to help wagering providers fill in any gaps during the off-seasons and produce entertaining content for their players all year round.

We are thrilled to work with Abios, a top-tier business-to-business eSports software and data distributor, and to be supplying them with our virtual sports services.

Stated BETER’s chief executive Gal Ehrlich.

Additionally, we would like to thank Betbazar for aiding in facilitating this deal with Abios and supporting us the whole way through.

They continued.

The intermediary’s chief operating director, Max Sevostianov commented:

Our latest collaboration is a clear indicator to the importance of eSports in aiding betting providers in their steps to attaining and maintaining a top position in the industry. To be a market leader an operator has to appeal to a wide variety of users, and Abios is on the right track for achieving that paramount requirement.

They concluded:

It is an honor to be able to match two organizations in such a perfect way. The two businesses make for a great pair of associates.

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