AGA estimates 20% of US adults will bet on the Super Bowl

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AGA estimates 20% of US adults will bet on the Super Bowl

The American Gaming Association has published its expectations for the performance of the industry during Super Bowl 2023.

The organization has predicted that over 40 million Americans will place a wager on the upcoming running of the Super Bowl. That is about 20% of the country’s adults and is expected to break last year’s record by over 60%.

Furthermore, the association expects that Americans will spend over 16 billion dollars combined during the event, which will double the spending recorded in 2022. It also highlights that nearly 30 million people are expected to wager with friends, which will constitute a 50% increase.

The rise in popularity of regulated wagering is driving growth for the sport as well, as AGA found that over a third of NFL fans stated that betting makes matches much more enjoyable.

Each time the Super Bowl demonstrates the numerous benefits of regulated sports wagering. It increases engagement for the sport and the media, it drives quite a significant amount of tax revenue, and most importantly, provides a safe place for bettors to enjoy the pastime.

remarked the President and Chief Executive Officer of AGA, Bill Miller.