Altenar expands its offerings in Italy

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Altenar expands its offerings in Italy

Altenar, a prominent supplier of iGaming software and sportsbook offerings, has reinforced its lineup of products in Italy by introducing an array of innovative features tailored for casinos.

This recent expansion signifies Altenar’s augmentation of its gaming portfolio in one of the popular markets in the EU, where the top technology supplier has maintained an active presence for the previous 4 years.

Among its latest advancements, Altenar has made substantial developments to the freshest iteration of its frontend platform. This updated version delivers a swifter and entirely customizable solution, empowering operators to seamlessly integrate features that align with their unique requirements.

Operators are now empowered to construct their sportsbooks according to their preferences and effortlessly rearrange widgets to align with their business strategies.

The Regional Director at Altenar, Francesco Papallo mentioned:

We have implemented significant revisions to our frontend and product suggestions in Italy, and our team is extremely pleased with the results. Italy poses considerable challenges due to its intricate regulatory landscape, and our persistent efforts over the years have yielded remarkable success. We anticipate that both casinos and audiences will derive great satisfaction from our freshest suggestions.

Additionally, Altenar has introduced Partial Cashout, making it one of the pioneering sportsbooks to do so. This breakthrough occurred last year, coinciding with the implementation of new regulations mandated by the governing authority.

Fabrizio Frenna, Supervising Director at Diecimilauno, a top casino in Italy using Altenars PartialCashout, remarked:

Altenars PartialCashout tool empowers users to enhance their control over controlling their earnings, engaging them actively in the gameplay. This novel addition has garnered an exceptionally positive response from players and has observed a noticeable surge in popularity. Altenar remains consistently attuned to market demands and works in collaboration with us to provide a progressively world-class solution, tailored to the diverse preferences of wagerers.

Moreover, the company has also successfully launched its innovative feature – Promotional Bonus, further elevating its competitive advantage. This tool empowers operators with the freedom to selectively enhance odds by handpicking titles and sports clubs, amplifying the provider’s appeal within the industry.