Altenar starts agreement with Flows

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Altenar starts agreement with Flows

Altenar, a distinguished sportsbook platform located in Malta, has recently entered into a companionship deal with Flows, a well-known platform for no-coding management in the industry.

By collaborating with Flows, Altenar aims to leverage its cutting-edge no-code integration and automation platform. This strategic alliance empowers Altenar to develop new tools and applications effortlessly, with no demand for coding. Additionally, by utilizing Flow’s advanced automation technology, Altenar will foster increased innovation within its operations.

Flows serve as a valuable resource for businesses, enabling them to accelerate development and streamline integrations via a unified interface and a powerful workflow automation tool. Altenar will gain a lot from this recently formed alliance by streamlining its operations and improving operational effectiveness, which will result in significant time and money savings.

Flows is a seamless conduit between various systems and technologies. This involvement proves particularly advantageous for sportsbook suppliers as it enables them to enhance their operational efficiency, minimize manual tasks, and cancel data silos. Leveraging Flows’ no-code approach, suppliers can easily connect diverse data sources, unlocking new possibilities for seamless integration.

Domenico Mazzola, Director of Sales mentioned:

We are thrilled to unveil our collaboration with Altenar, a distinguished frontrunner in sportsbook software. This partnership serves as a tremendous honor and a genuine validation of the value that Flows brings to the industry. Our team is glad to witness a respected industry leader like Altenar acknowledge the significance and advantages of leveraging Flows. We eagerly anticipate nurturing a long-lasting partnership with Altenar as we continue to forge ahead in our shared mission.

The Commercial Director, Charlie Williams commented:

Our team is thrilled to declare the debut of our strategic cooperation with Flows. Ensuring an exceptional user experience and delivering timely sports bets to the right individuals are vital factors for our customers triumph. With the help of Flows, we are able to expand the functionality of our well-known sportsbook solution, giving our clients more value while operating more effectively. We eagerly anticipate a prosperous and enduring cooperation with Flows as we continue to push the boundaries of excellence.

With the utilization of Flows, Altenar gains the remarkable ability to effortlessly generate novel features while automating tailored ads, promotions, and wagering choices, all without the burden of intricate technical processes. By adopting Flows, Altenar obtains the freedom to renew and adapt to evolving trends without the necessity for tech expertise or resources. With the help of this easy-to-use platform, Altenar is able to innovate, captivate audiences with distinctive strategies, and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving sports betting market.