Altenar to celebrate its new Greek license

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Altenar to celebrate its new Greek license

Altenar, a prominent provider of sportsbook and iGaming software, has recently acquired a B2B license in Greece, further broadening its reach across established European territories.

With an existing office in Athens, the company has successfully obtained a license from the Hellenic Gaming Commission, enhancing its footprint in the nation and supplementing its extensive portfolio with a Greek license.

Operating in over 50 countries with legalized gambling, Altenar’s expertise now extends into Greece with a seven-year license, facilitating the provision of its services in this new jurisdiction.

The Greek online betting sector has flourished under the new regulatory framework, demonstrating significant growth. Market data projects tax revenues to hit €540 million this year, accompanied by the creation of numerous job opportunities.

Marina Zacharopoulou, Compliance Manager at Altenar, commented:

The process of securing a license for Altenar was demanding, though familiar given our experience with similar procedures in other jurisdictions. Despite encountering typical challenges along the way, we navigated them smoothly. Obtaining a Greek license holds significant importance for Altenar, especially considering that a significant portion of our team is Greek, which imbues the achievement with a sense of homecoming. Personally, I believe that Greece’s deep-rooted connection to games of chance, reflected in the historical popularity of gambling and the presence of deities like Tyche, adds cultural depth to our licensure. By establishing our presence in Greece through licensure, we not only showcase our dedication to regulatory compliance but also position ourselves to capitalize on the country’s expanding market.