Altenar to establish new partnership with Optimove

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Altenar to establish new partnership with Optimove

Altenar, a premier provider of sportsbook and iGaming software solutions, has recently finalized a collaboration with Optimove, a leading CRM marketing platform in the industry.

Their joint effort aims to enhance digital experiences for players by delivering personalized product recommendations through Opti-X widgets.

Initially focused on improving player engagement and retention, this partnership allows Altenar’s operator partners to leverage Optimove’s Opti-X, an AI-driven recommendation and search engine. By incorporating this technology, Altenar’s operators can offer tailored content and dynamic product suggestions across various channels, whether on web or mobile platforms.

Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), utilizes AI algorithms to deliver customized content and product recommendations to users based on their past interactions, preferences of similar players, and trending items. This integration not only enhances the player experience but also strengthens Altenar’s presence globally, introducing a groundbreaking approach to the sportsbook landscape with ample room for future advancements.

Renowned for its comprehensive sportsbook solution, Altenar serves leading brands worldwide and maintains a strong momentum in the Latin American market. With its award-winning platform offering stability, security, and extensive configurability, Altenar ensures a top-tier sports betting experience for its partners.

Charlie Williams, Commercial Director at Altenar, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the potential of Opti-X’s AI-led content and product recommendations to significantly enhance player retention and loyalty.

Dan de Souza, Global Director of Partnerships at Optimove, emphasized the importance of personalized marketing strategies in today’s competitive landscape and the value of combining Optimove’s technology with Altenar’s industry expertise to drive business growth for iGaming operators, especially in the Latin American region.