Australian regulator warns illegal iGaming software provider

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Australian regulator warns illegal iGaming software provider

The Australian Communications and Media Authority issued its first ever warning addressing a software developer working with illegal online casinos.

Last week Australia’s media and communications regulator issued a formal warning to a software developer that was knowingly working with illegal iGaming operators. The company in question is the Hong Kong based Proxous Advanced Solutions, which provided RTG-branded services, such as games, to over a dozen prohibited operators.

The regulatory body had a suspicion of the firm doing something contravening for quite some time, as it had started the investigation back in February of 2021. As a result of the over a year-long investigation, the agency found Proxous was in breach of the 15th (2A) section of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.
The 15(2A) subsection prohibits the supplying of services and products to operators that have been found to be breaching other sections of the act or any other Australian law.

This was the first time a provider got a warning for doing business with unlawful companies, as the legislative organization usually deals with operators.