Austrian financial police put €492,000 fine in Q1

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Austrian financial police put €492,000 fine in Q1

Austria’s Financial Police, also known as Bundesministerium Finanzen, levied penalties totaling492,000 related to unlawful casino operations in the Q1 of 2023.

The Financial Police, which is headquartered in the capital and has offices at every tax office in Austria, was formerly a part of the AntiFraud Office.

This information was unveiled with various statistics concerning underpayment of taxes and againstfraud activities that occurred in Austria.

The Minister of Finance, Magnus Brunner expressed his complaint about the latest incident and said that such unlawful entertainment can reduce the country’s reputation and affect the economy, as well as originate not equitable challenging conditions for lawabiding operators.

In the course of Q1, the police conducted inspections on 46 properties, leading to 27 charges of criminality, leading to huge penalties amounting to492K.

Twenty of the criminal cases were brought just in Vienna, with penalties totaling300K. The regulating body for preventing fraudulence seized about 76 not legal gambling machines in Salzburg, at the end of the Q1.