Bayes eSports to supply offerings to Data.Bet

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Bayes eSports to supply offerings to Data.Bet

Data.Bet is going to license Bayes eSports’ offerings to boost its own services.

Through this collaboration, Data.Bet is going to utilize Bayes eSports official data for a number of gaming tournaments to enhance its own eSports offerings. This will mainly include live data for various CS:GO tournaments carried out by organizers such as DreamHack and ESL.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Bayes eSports to enhance our offerings and deliver a better experience to our clients. As we are committed to delivering the best possible offerings to our associates, this partnership will help us immensely and will enable us to expand rapidly. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

stated the CPO of Data.Bet, Alex Kozachenko.

We are thrilled to help Data.Bet with our top-quality official eSports data solutions. Firms like Data.Bet that understand the differences between traditional sports and eSports, and seek to implement high-quality official data into their products will stand out from the competition. We are looking forward to supporting our new partner and working with them.

commented the Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of Bayes eSports, Amir Mirzae.