BC.GAME starts a $40 Million partnership with Leicester City FC

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BC.GAME starts a $40 Million partnership with Leicester City FC

The iGaming platform BC.GAME has announced a groundbreaking $40 million partnership with the renowned Leicester City Football Club.

This collaboration, revealed on July 5, elevates BC.GAME to the prestigious status of “Official Principal Partner” of the club. Starting from the 2024/25 season, BC.GAME will prominently display its branding on the front of Leicester City’s Men’s First Team and adult replica shirts, marking a significant chapter in the club’s celebrated legacy.

As part of this partnership, BC.GAME is excited to launch its proprietary cryptocurrency, BC, setting a new standard in the iGaming industry. Designed to enrich the user experience, BC stands as a native token offering various incentives and practical features, aiming to create a rewarding platform for its community. Serving both as a governance and utility token, $BC will streamline in-game purchases and provide exclusive access, among other benefits.

BC.GAME’s introduction of $BC reflects its commitment to innovation and responsiveness to community feedback. By integrating this cryptocurrency into its platform, BC.GAME aims to offer a seamless and engaging user experience. This move also highlights BC.GAME’s ongoing support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, emphasizing its dedication to advancing the crypto industry. The adaptation of their logo to feature ‘₿’ on jerseys signifies BC.GAME’s influential role in the crypto community.

BC.GAME has laid out a strategy for propelling BC that includes community airdrops, liquidity mining, and targeted marketing campaigns, all supported by a robust tokenomics framework. These initiatives aim to build a vibrant market and ensure consistent value for users and stakeholders, thereby boosting BC’s visibility and adoption in the competitive crypto market.

A Pioneering Alliance with Leicester City Football Club

This strategic partnership with Leicester City Football Club, spanning from August 2024 to May 2026, marks a key advancement in BC.GAME’s global branding strategy. By featuring its logo on Leicester City’s jerseys, BC.GAME will significantly enhance its global visibility. Leicester City, known for its 2016 Premier League win and 2021 FA Cup victory, boasts a rich heritage and a dedicated fan base. This partnership showcases BC.GAME’s ambition to connect with top-tier sports entities and leverage their global appeal.

This alliance promises to give Leicester City fans new ways to engage with their favorite team, bridging the gap between iGaming and professional sports. Together, BC.GAME and Leicester City aim to deliver unique experiences to their fans and users, fostering a deep connection between these two vibrant communities.