12 Best Gambling News Websites in 2024

12 Best Gambling News Websites in 2024

In the fast-moving world of gambling, keeping updated about what is happening is key to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of casinos, sports betting, and gaming trends. Whether you’re an iGaming company or a casual enthusiast, access to reliable and up-to-date information is crucial.

Numerous developments unfold daily, from the launch of new games and casinos to regulatory shifts and partnerships. Amidst this flurry of activity, discerning reliable sources can be challenging. While several gambling news sites vie for attention, not all are equally trustworthy. To navigate this landscape effectively, we’ve created a selection of the top gambling news sites renowned for their provision of accurate and timely information.

Whether you are looking for the latest industry updates or wish to stay abreast of regulatory changes, these platforms deliver comprehensive coverage you can rely on.

What can gambling news websites offer you?

In the realm of gambling news, two distinct sources exist general news sites and niche news portals. Our suggestion is to prioritize niche news portals, as they specialize in delivering the most current and pertinent information tailored to your interests. Reporters at these portals possess a deep understanding of the gambling niche, offering unique insights unavailable elsewhere.

However, if you seek a broad overview of gambling happenings, general news sites suffice. Yet, it’s crucial to verify the article’s date, as the gambling landscape evolves rapidly, ensuring you stay informed with the latest updates rather than outdated information.

The best iGaming news websites in the industry

As already mentioned, with the fast-moving gambling world, news providers have become more and more in the industry, but only a few media companies can be considered as trustworthy, reliable, and up-to-date. Here are our top selections:

1. IGB


iGamingBusiness is a leading virtual platform, bringing to the table comprehensive coverage and insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of the iGaming industry. With a focus on global trends, regulatory developments, market analysis, casino and games, esports, tech and innovation, the company also organizes in-person events where the companies explore collaboration opportunities, whether through partnerships, joint ventures, or strategic alliances. iGB also offers a comprehensive newsletter to keep subscribers updated on the freshest developments in the industry.

2. Gambling Insider

gambling insider

GamblingInsider is one of the pioneers that provides the latest iGaming and landbased news and insights in the industry worldwide. Tailored for software providers, payment processors, operators, or affiliates, the platform offers comprehensive coverage of industry trends, regulatory changes, and indepth analysis through a variety of articles and reports. It serves as a trustworthy resource for keeping updated about key developments in the dynamic world of gambling. Gambling Insider delivers an extensive overview of advancements spanning all aspects of the gaming sector, covering major conventions to ensure you’re fully informed on the latest from the gambling industry.

3. Next.io


Next.io is a go-to gambling news site that delivers daily news, and cuttingedge iGaming updates, which come with a blend of podcasts that unravel the layers of betting marketing and technology. NEXT.io is also a dynamic conference enterprise with a strong emphasis on content delivery, hosting a blend of in-person and virtual gatherings. The primary objective is to provide professionals and enthusiasts with timely insights into the iGaming sphere and its intersecting industries, spanning investment, technology, blockchain, and more.

4. GamblingNews


Whether you’re seeking updates on casino operations, sports betting, or technological advancements, GamblingNews.com remains a reliable source for timely and insightful content. Featured on many online and offline mediums such as Metro, the UK’s highest-circulation freesheet tabloid newspaper, the site offers a diverse range of articles, features, and blockchain news. GamblingNews also comes with a weekly comprehensive newsletter to keep its subscribers updated on the freshest weekly news.

5. Focus Gambling News


Focus Gaming News operates as a prominent media entity crafting a comprehensive online newspaper tailored for seasoned gaming executives on a daily basis. Garnering a monthly readership exceeding 100K, it serves as a vital source for the freshest developments within the gambling and online gaming industries. The company further extends its reach through a daily newsletter dispatched to over 20K subscribers, encompassing diverse themes such as landbased casinos, regulatory updates, wagering, iGaming, emerging products, industry trends, insightful interviews, and more.

6. SBC News


SBC News is affiliated with the SBC (Sports Betting Community) organization, which is known for curating industry events and conferences. SBC is an international event, media, and consulting firm partnering with industry frontrunners to advance and expand the sports, wagering, and gaming sectors. SBC MEDIA boasts a team of 15 dedicated journalists, delivering over 100 articles daily across nine premier news websites, covering most in-trend news, along with the SBC Leaders Magazine.

7. The Guardian

the guardian gambling

Guardian News & Media (GNM) publishes theguardian.com, one of the world’s leading English-language newspaper websites. It also has a presence in the US and Australia as Guardian US and Guardian Australia. Despite different aspects, The Guardian also covers gambling-related news, focusing on responsible gambling, sports betting, and iGaming.

8. Gambling BBC News

bbc news

The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster. This is an everyday, distinctive, world-class media company that informs, educates, and entertains millions of people in the UK and around the world. In the BBC Gambling section, readers will find extensive coverage and analysis of gambling-related news, telling about developments and issues within the industry.

9. EuropeanGaming


EuropeanGaming is another top gambling news providers, engaging more than 200K monthly readers constantly offering up-to-date content. Covering both online and land-based gaming, regulatory updates, and much more, it brings to the table daily news, exclusive interviews with industry experts, as well as event reports. With online meetups and informative reports, it’s the essential resource for industry enthusiasts, focusing on the European gambling market while also providing global coverage.

10. Gaming Intelligence

gaming intelligence

Gaming Intelligence is committed solely to fulfilling the business intelligence requirements of the worldwide interactive gaming sector. Offering prompt coverage and insightful analysis of all industry-related developments, GamingIntelligence.com and its counterpart GIQ Magazine are indispensable resources for decision-makers across gaming operators, regulatory bodies, legal and financial circles, and media outlets. Backed by a team of esteemed analysts with extensive expertise in online gaming, risk management, marketing, finance, and law, Gaming Intelligence stands as the foremost provider of independent, analytical, and trend-setting content in iGaming.

11. iGamingFuture


iGamingFuture is a forward-thinking gaming publication dedicated to addressing the fast-moving landscape of technology, legislation, and culture within the global iGaming sphere. Their mission is to equip operators with the tools they need to thrive amidst continual change. The media company is committed to making a positive impact on all stakeholders in the gambling industry by promoting messages of responsible gaming, innovative technologies, and excellence among companies.

12. InterGame


InterGame, a pioneering force among publishers specializing in coin-operated, casino, and iGaming realms, ardently pursues its core objective and mission: to comprehensively cover and disseminate industry news on a global scale. In its unwavering commitment to keep professionals abreast of the latest developments in the B2B landscape, they employ both digital and print platforms. Through its complimentary digital newsletters, the media company ensures industry stakeholders worldwide receive timely updates. Additionally, its printed magazines are prominently showcased at trade shows across the globe.


So, the landscape of gambling news providers offers a diverse array of sources, each striving to deliver timely and accurate information to their audiences. From established media giants like the BBC or The Guardian to specialized industry outlets, these news providers play a crucial role in keeping readers and iGaming enthusiasts informed and engaged with the rapidly evolving industry. Whether it’s breaking news, in-depth analysis, expert commentary, or interviews with C-level personas, news providers ensure that individuals have access to the insights they need to navigate this dynamic sector.

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