Best Online Lottery Software Providers in 2024

Best Online Lottery Software Providers in 2024

The lottery stands as one of the oldest and most widely enjoyed forms of gaming. It operates as a game of chance where individuals purchase numbered tickets, and prizes are given to those whose numbers randomly appear. Operators who want to include lottery games in their online casino platforms, this article is for you, get ready to receive a bunch of new and important information on the best lottery software providers you can partner with.

As per the market analysis from, the worldwide online lottery market is expected to demonstrate a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 0.42% throughout the forecast period (2020–2025). Notably, Asia Pacific stands out as the fastest-growing market, while Europe holds the position of the largest market.

If you are in need of a reliable company for lottery game development, we have curated a list of leading lottery software development companies with a global presence. These companies boast experienced and skilled development teams, adept at delivering tailored lottery solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.

What is an online lottery software provider?

Top-notch online lottery software providers empower casinos to provide an exhilarating and efficient lottery gaming experience to players using the advanced and cutting-edge software. The customized online lottery packages include secure payment options, trending features, and an engaging user interface.

Provider’s dedicated efforts are focused on turning your aspirations into a substantial reality, infused with high levels of creativity and innovation. The finest online lottery solutions are tailored to suit both wellestablished enterprises and newly launched iGaming startups.

Best online lottery software providers in iGaming

Today, there are a few online lottery software provider known for their excellent services. To help you decide, we’ve made a list of the best providers in iGaming. These companies have a great reputation for offering outstanding services and always aiming for the best.

1. Intralot

intralot lottery

Intralot stands out as a premier gambling platform and technology provider, focusing on lotteries, sports betting, and gaming. In addition to their core gambling products, the company offers various support solutions, including transaction processing and customer support services.

Having started its journey in 1992, Intralot has accumulated significant expertise in future-proofing its operations. With its headquarters in Greece, the company boasts a global workforce of over 3400 employees and an impressive annual revenue of nearly half a billion dollars. Furthermore, Intralot holds multiple certifications, enabling them to collaborate with partners in key gambling jurisdictions.

2. IGT

igt lottery

IGT holds the prominent position of being a worldwide frontrunner in the realm of gaming. Its mission encompasses the provision of enjoyable and accountable gaming encounters for players through a diverse array of platforms and supervised sectors. These range from Lotteries and Gaming Machines to Sports Betting and Digital platforms. Drawing upon an extensive reservoir of captivating content, substantial investments in pioneering advancements, perceptive player insights, adept operational proficiency, and cuttingedge technology, the companys offerings furnish unparalleled gaming undertakings that captivate players and stimulate expansion.

The companys firmly established local eminence and affiliations with governmental bodies and regulatory entities extend across more than 100 countries globally. Its commitment to delivering service, upholding integrity, and fostering responsibility stands as a testament to its capacity to generate value.

3. NeoGames

neogames lottery

NeoGames is a dominant force on a global scale in providing iLottery solutions for lotteries authorized by authorities. With a vision to be the preferred longlasting companion for lotteries globally during the age of online interactivity, NeoGames allows its clients to establish robust iLottery programs.

This is made possible through their highly soughtafter solution, which includes stateoftheart platforms, an impressive collection of captivating titles, as well as a comprehensive set of business and tech services. With over 17 years of presence in the iGaming business, NeoGames has honed their expertise in virtual transformation, seamlessly assisting numerous clients in transitioning to the online realm and achieving remarkable growth.

4. NSoft

nsoft lottery

NSoft is an acclaimed software supplier for casinos and sports wagering companies. It has a broad diapason of services, such as iGaming, Sportsbook, Casino, iGaming Platform, AI Vision, and Lottery. Having a usercentric approach and innovative software, it is renowned as a top iGaming supplier.

NSoft serves more than a hundred companies in 35 locations globally. It also provides Risk Management and Turnkey Casino Solutions, Sports Data and Statistics, and Business Support. As a division of NSoft, Stark Solutions works with lotteries and customers all over the world and specializes in developing and maintaining effective SSBTs. By analyzing their conduct and tastes NSoft Vision enables operators to improve the overall customer experience.

5. 1Click Games

1clickgames lottery

1Click Games stands as a global creator of highquality whitelabel solutions for gaming and wagering ventures. Renowned as a prominent creator of casino and betting software, the company serves both emerging iGaming enterprises and wellestablished operators across the world.

With a strong emphasis on swift integration, 1Click Games guarantees swift and cost-efficient solutions for all its customers. The company suggests a soughtafter diapason of premier iGaming offerings, encompassing a casino, sportsbook, lottery, virtual sports, as well as a mobile casino, and live casino. These suggestions are hosted on the industrys most robust iGaming platform.

6. LEAP Gaming

leap gaming lottery

Leap, an experienced gaming provider, excels in crafting lifelike 3D games for diverse platforms. Their devotion to creating toptier gaming applications has garnered global recognition, with numerous online and retail operators offering their games. These games create substantial engagement with players, numbering in the tens of thousands.

Fueled by cuttingedge technology, Leap is targeted at introducing unparalleled gaming experiences, catering to its partnersneeds. They diligently collect information and enhance the market fit to meet the requests of the worldwide audience. The detailoriented approach is paramount in Leaps services, evident in the flexible integrity terms they provide. Additionally, they design tailored solutions for different gaming platforms, encompassing desktop and mobile, as well as retail environments.

7. WA.Technology lottery

WA.Technology suggests the ultimate path for iGaming software and content. They provide completely customizable and great iGaming solutions that give individuals the unique chance to build their own casino, sportsbook, lottery, fantasy, and poker entertainment companies according to their preferences. Whether one is seeking a white label or turnkey solution, WA.Technology provides all the necessary resources to kickstart the venture.

The company boasts a collection of over 6400+ games, a combination of 75+ suppliers for casino and sportsbook services, as well as turnkey solutions and managed services. With the collaboration of their companions, commitment to inhouse proficients, and an international network, WA.Technology ensures personalized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of clients in both wellestablished and emerging jurisdictions.

8. Slotegrator


Slotegrator is a distinguished B2B provider, with over 11 years of experience, providing a full package of all the necessary solutions and products for casinos. The company is dedicated to constantly pushing new projects. Slotegrator suggests a state-of-the-art range of content to cater to the preferences and demands of new partners. These products include an online casino and sportsbook, lottery games, live dealer games, secure payment methods, marketing services and much more.

Casinos can enhance their lottery game variety with the excitement of bingo! By utilizing top-notch providers to diversify the offerings and provide customers with a refreshing entertainment option. Slotegrator is one of the top online lottery software provider to craft inventive bingo games that merge the fast-paced, user-friendly elements of modern titles with the timeless appeal of this beloved classic. Operators will be enabled to select from a range of live and video bingo options, delivering exclusive and thrilling gameplay to set the casino apart.

Types of lottery games you should include in your online casino

Having recognized the significance of offering a variety of lottery games, the subsequent inquiry naturally arises: how does one go about selecting the ideal games? Prior to arriving at a decision, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the fundamental types of lottery games.

Bingo Games

In the 1530s, Bingo, known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia,” was actively played in Italy. Over time, it traversed the globe, adopting the name “Bingo” and gaining popularity worldwide. Bingo is not only super easy but also engaging and fun! It offers various versions, with the diversity enhancing the game’s allure. In the traditional format, players purchase a ticket featuring a grid of numbers, and the host randomly draws these numbers. Winning combinations result in prizes for players. The variants differ in the number of balls used and unique winning conditions, adding excitement to the game.

Keno Games

Keno has roots in China but is also linked to Latin or French origins. Legend suggests it played a role in saving an ancient city during a war, contributing to funding the construction of the Great Wall of China. In the 1800s, Chinese immigrants introduced Keno to the United States, establishing it as a flagship product in America and East Asia. Known by alternative names like “white dove ticket” or “white pigeon,” Keno gained popularity as game results were delivered by birds.

Lotto Games

Lotto, originating in Genoa during the Renaissance, is a simple and entertaining lottery variant, cherished for its success. Imagine Lotto’s inception akin to the creative brilliance of artworks like The Birth of Venus or The Creation of Adam; Lotto has become a timeless part of our culture.

An intriguing feature of Lotto is its transferable jackpot. If unclaimed, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw, impacting the expected income based on the jackpot’s size. This unique characteristic makes Lotto a distinctive game of chance.

Scratch Games

To ensure a comprehensive selection of various lotto games in your online casino, it’s time to consider incorporating Scratch games. These games are highly popular in iGaming due to their affordability, immediate outcomes, and widespread accessibility. The game’s concept is simple: players scratch away a foil covering on cards to reveal numbers underneath, determining if they have won a prize.


Lottery software providers give operators a chance to suggest an amazing and streamlined gaming experience to your player base via their robust and state of the art online lottery software. By following TheGamblest guide and incorporating the beloved types of lottery games mentioned above, you can enhance your players’ online casino experience.


Which is the most trusted online lottery software provider in iGaming?

Ultimately, defining the best online lottery software provider is a matter of personal opinion. Some operators may prefer IGT’s products while others may prefer Intralot’s offerings. However, we believe that all the major lottery software providers enumerated on our page propose firstrate games, as do many of the smaller companies weve mentioned. When choosing the iGaming software provider, you rather not forget to consider the quality of the games and the overall casino experience.

How popular are lottery games?

As of April 2021, participating in a lottery game stood out as the most favored form of gambling in the US. When individuals who regularly engage in gambling were surveyed about their likely activities in the next 30 days, 37 percent expressed their intention to play a lottery game. In comparison, casino betting emerged as the second most popular gambling activity, with 21 percent of regular bettors indicating their likelihood of participating in this endeavor.