10 Best Sportsbook Software Providers

10 Best Sportsbook Software Providers

After getting all the necessary insights on how to launch your sportsbook, TheGamblest has prepared another useful content related to sports betting business. As an operator, you will learn about the most popular sportsbook platform suppliers in this article.

As a result, numerous sportsbook companies are seeking leading and most credible sportsbook software providers to keep pace with the industry’s advancement.

Nonetheless, selecting the right sportsbook provider can be a challenging task, given the scope of accessible variants, and the fact that not all B2Bs deliver the same level of quality. Let’s delve into some key factors that you should take into account when selecting a sportsbook provider to ensure a smooth and successful development of your business. But first let’s figure out what a sportsbook software provider is and how it can help operators.

What is a sportsbook software provider?

In essence, a sportsbook provider suggests operators a virtual solution or platform that enables its users to access a broad array of entertainment content and sports events in a single location. Through this platform, users can access odds, make bets on their preferred events, and have the opportunity to earn prizes.

In simple terms, a sportsbook software provider is a firm or organization that specializes in creating and providing cutting-edge and immersive sportsbook software to operators, giving them access to interact directly with customers. Having a good software operator may bring a complete and straightforward platform for betting enthusiasts.

What do sportsbook software suppliers provide?

The software sportsbook supplier suggests a complete diapason of platform solutions that cater to operators’ needs. Utilizing immersive technological solutions, they can deliver a ready-made sportsbook or customize one according to your specific requirements. This personalized solution is adaptable to various jurisdictions, ensuring a strong, user-friendly and data-based option to increase profit and foster business growth.

Prominent sportsbook software providers present an extensive array of essential features and advantages. These offerings empower operators to provide customers with a smooth and captivating betting experience. Here are the key features to look for:

  • Dynamic Live Betting: Engage in the excitement of live betting, a highly sought-after feature in sports betting solutions. Place bets on ongoing games, elevating the thrill of the betting experience with real-time action.
  • Virtual Sports: Immerse yourself in 24/7 virtual sports simulations—computer-generated replicas of actual sporting events. Bet on a diverse array of virtual sports, ranging from football and horse racing to basketball, providing a continuous and varied wagering environment.
  • Real-time Odds Updates: Stay informed with instantaneous odds updates, ensuring players have access to the latest odds for their selected sporting events. This crucial feature gives players the opportunity to make well-informed wagering decisions based on the most current data.
  • Tailored Odds Feeds: Customize your odds feeds to align with the preferences of your players. This flexibility enables operators to attract and retain users by offering odds that are more competitive than those of their counterparts, enhancing the overall betting experience.
  • Effective Risk Management Tools: Equip yourself with essential risk management tools to navigate and mitigate potential exposures. Automated alerts and comprehensive risk reports empower operators to identify and address risks promptly, ensuring a proactive approach to maintaining a secure betting environment.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics: Sportsbook software providers offer a suite of analytical tools encompassing player tracking, analysis of betting patterns, and risk management. These tools enable operators to make informed, data-driven decisions, thereby enhancing their overall business performance.
  • Anti-fraud measures: These are crucial for sportsbook software providers to keep the integrity of their platforms and create a safe wagering environment. These measures detect and prevent unauthorized access, fraudulent transactions, and other malicious activities, ensuring a fair and reliable experience for users.

Best sportsbook software providers in the market

Nowadays, the industry is overflowing with prominent suppliers, known for offering highly sought-after gaming content. With different options to opt from, determining which company to collaborate with can be a daunting task. To assist operators in making an informed decision, we have curated a list of the finest Sportsbook Software providers. These companies have earned a strong name in the iGaming world through their exceptional services and devotion to bringing top services.

NOTE. You can find more sportsbook software provider options in our dedicated B2B Directory

1. WA.Sports

Wa.Sports backed by WA.Technology Group, suggests the ultimate path for sportsbook software and content. Whether operators desire a completely customizable sportsbook platform or standalone integration, WA.Sports makes the process easier of launching a betting business. Users can practice flexibility, enabling them to craft a truly unique and personalized betting experience.

They provide completely customizable and great iGaming offerings that give individuals the unique chance to build their own casino, sportsbook, lottery, fantasy, and poker entertainment companies according to their preferences. Whether one is seeking a white label or turnkey solution, WeAreGame provides all the crucial resources to kickstart the venture.


The WA.Sports made-to-measure sports betting platforms provide custom-branded products with unique interfaces. From one simple integration, an immersive experience includes 100,000+ pre-match and 70,000+ live events across multiple sports, eSports and virtual sports.

WA.Technology also offers iGaming platforms, turnkey solutions, seamlessly integrating mobile, retail, as well as online provision. The completely customisable WA.Platform features 75+ gaming content suppliers, 6400+ titles, and over 80+ payment options and currencies across their WA.Casino, WA.Sports, WA.Fantasy, WA.Lottery, and WA.Poker verticals.

2. Kambi

Kambi is the dominating supplier of sought-after technology and services designed specifically for the international gaming and wagering market. Trusted by over 40 operators spread across many countries, Kambi not only offers top-tier wagering practices but also fosters partner advancement and individuality through its data based platform and adaptable tech.


By harnessing Kambi’s huge diapason of tools, operators gain full control over frontend and odds. This unique capability has earned Kambi a remarkable reputation for propelling visionary sportsbooks to remarkable success worldwide.

Kambi’s comprehensive solutions cover a broad spectrum, including compliance provision and risk management. All these offerings are built upon an intricate, proprietary software platform, guaranteeing seamless and efficient delivery to its valued clientele.

3. BtoBet

A prominent member of the Neogames group, stands as a top B2B supplier of sports betting software. Devoted to delivering excellence, it is dedicated to equipping its companions with top-notch tech solutions, thereby empowering them to bring to the table engaging user practices within regulated markets.


With four strategically located offices and a workforce of more than 150 talented individuals, BtoBet is well-established to serve its companions around the world. Currently, the company works in over 45 markets, demonstrating its widespread reach and influence within the industry.

BtoBet’s core mission revolves around providing world-class services to iGaming operators, ensuring they have access to high-quality technological advancements. By doing so, BtoBet aims to enable its companions to deliver captivating user experience, while adhering to the rules governing the markets they operate in.

4. SportingTech

Sportingtech stands out as a premier provider of gaming platforms, excelling in the realms of both casino and sportsbook offerings. Their specialty lies in delivering cutting-edge sports wagering software that encompasses an extensive array of options, featuring a staggering collection of over 100 sports available in more than 1300 locations. Alongside this impressive sports portfolio, they take pride in presenting a diverse selection of essential casino content, comprising an astounding assortment of over 9500 different titles.


Not limiting themselves to traditional offerings, Sportingtech also boasts a range of virtual sports alternatives and continuously expanding eSports options, catering to the ever-evolving preferences of their users. In addition, the platform facilitates a wide range of convenient payment methods, ensuring seamless transactions for players.

Sportingtech’s commitment to adaptability is evident through their seamless integration with numerous third-party services, tailored to meet the unique needs of their partners. This approach further solidifies their position as a reliable and collaborative gaming platform provider.

5. Genius Sports

A leading supplier of gambling technology with an aim at sports and online betting is Genius Sports. This business, which has a storied history spanning more than two decades and operates in several different jurisdictions, has made a name for itself as a powerful force in the sector.

genius sports


Their background lies in bringing a sought-after sportsbook solution, granting users precise control over all crucial variables. By offering an adaptable sportsbook system, they facilitate seamless integration of data from both in-house and third-party oddsmaking firms.

Genius Sports also provides cutting-edge platforms and technology tailored to empower sports leagues. Their offerings encompass league management tools, broadcasting capabilities, and media software, enabling leagues to efficiently organize and showcase their events. The company’s success is evident through its partnerships, having served more than 400 organizations in over 150 countries, bringing sports tech offerings to meet their unique needs.

6. Gaming Innovation Group (GIG)

GIG, a renowned player in the iGaming platform and sportsbook supplier domain, specializes in delivering cutting-edge solutions to its partners and their customers. Their primary focus revolves around supporting operators to expand their iGaming and sports betting ventures globally, with an unwavering commitment to innovation and tailoring services to cater to localized customer practices and personalized user journeys. This company holds the status of an authorized market specialist, facilitating compliant entry into over 35 authorized locations.


At the core of their prowess lies a powerful iGaming platform designed for scalability, openness, and user-centricity. It seamlessly integrates with partners’ existing technologies and preferred third-party services, offering a bespoke user experience through a suite of marketing tools, real-time data, and an intuitive rules engine. An exciting aspect is that partners can create their own automated bespoke rules without the need for coding knowledge.

Emphasizing flexibility and customer experience, their omnichannel solution empowers partners to enhance players’ interactions with the platform, giving them the freedom to decide when, where, and how they engage. With features like a unified point of registration, a shared wallet, and a loyalty system spanning both retail and online casinos, GIG ensures a cohesive and consistent brand experience throughout the digital site.

7. Betradar

With an excellent collection of betting methods spanning more than 50 different sports types, Betradar is one of the top bookmakers on a global level. As one of the tier-one suppliers for the wagering industry, Betradar caters to the demands of over 900 clients across 120+ locations, providing them with a comprehensive scope of offerings.


From top-notch sportsbook solutions to bolstering their product portfolios, Betradar equips its customers with all the essential tools they need to thrive in the betting arena.

As the dominant B2B turnkey platform worldwide, Betradar has set certain mandatory standards for its operators. Leveraging an extensive portfolio of solutions, the company effectively addresses the primary needs and preferences of the international sports wagering market.

8. NuxGame

NuxGame, an esteemed player in the iGaming industry and a prominent sportsbook provider, has been a key player since its establishment in 2018. Over the years, the software provider has delivered cutting-edge solutions for casinos and sports wagering to clients in various regulatory markets across the globe. 

nuxgame tg

Among their extensive portfolio, one notable offering is a robust website API featuring a sportsbook that offers personalized odds for an impressive array of over 70,000 sporting events every month. Additionally, they boast a diverse casino platform featuring an extensive library of captivating content sourced from more than 120 renowned game providers. 

NuxGame offers user-friendly software designed to enable a sportsbook with a wide range of platform solutions tailored to meet the needs of both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. The provider’s cutting-edge technology can seamlessly create either a pre-configured sportsbook or one meticulously tailored to your specific requirements. 

This personalized solution can be easily adjusted to comply with the regulations of any jurisdiction, providing a sustainable, data-driven, and admin-friendly option to kickstart the growth of your revenue streams.

9. NSoft

NSoft is a reputable and trustworthy sportsbook software provider serving both casinos and bookmaking establishments. Suggesting a huge spectrum of products and services, NSoft is recognized as a tier-one provider in iGaming. With a strong dedication on player-centric solutions and advanced software, it has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry.

nsoft tg

Their sportsbook software is highly transformative, making sure all players receive a worthy experience across web, mobile, in-shop, or wagering kiosk channels. This sportsbook solution caters to all markets and casino needs, providing wide coverage and comprehensive features.

With over 40 live wagering sports, 550 football leagues, as well as over 890,000 live wagering events every year, NSoft’s sportsbook platform covers global sports and niche wagering options. Additionally, with about 890,000 pre-match events, it assists in growing user number, profit, and boosts casino platform development. NSoft’s sportsbook software is designed to keep operators competitive, whether they’re already established or new to the industry.

10. Altenar

The sportsbook software provider, Altenar, brings top-tier products and services for authorized operators. Altenar is capable of offering both a fully managed sportsbook and a whitelabel startup aimed at assisting operators in achieving their eventual independence, all backed by proven stability and complemented by personalized solutions.


They’re internally cultivated sports wagering software, powered by top-tier data feeds, that seamlessly integrate with PAM platforms. Utilizing top data feeds from valid rights holders, their betting software offers comprehensive coverage of live events, and a lot of useful features.

Renowned for its high quality, Altenar’s world-class sportsbook solution suggests unparalleled customization options for front end, odds, and limits. It includes a promo tool suite and a cutting-edge bonus engine. With the trust of over 10K spots globally, Altenar’s sportsbook software provider is highly reliable, offering top-quality products sourced both in-house and through its premium partners.

Key features to look for in a sportsbook software provider

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned operator in the field, choosing a sportsbook software provider requires careful study and analysis of numerous factors. We have separated key points to look for in a provider, which are crucial for starting operators and their success in the industry:

  • Sports and Betting Odds – Reputable bookmakers ensure a diverse selection of sports, catering to the preferences of numerous bettors and providing ample opportunities to find sports and events that suit their individual tastes. In addition to popular soccer and basketball leagues, leading wagering platforms also present a plethora of other engaging games encompassing baseball, rugby, horse racing, even MMA, wrestling, tennis, and many more.
  • Licensing and Jurisdiction – To ensure a trustworthy sportsbook supplier, it’s advisable to verify their licensing and regulatory status. If you want to provide sports betting services legally, you must acquire your license and partner with licensed providers, that encompasses the regions where you intend to offer your products. This is the first green flag in the iGaming industry, and marks that the operator is reliable and fair. To read more about gambling licenses and the applying procedure, check out our latest article.
  • Bookmaker Bonuses – Similar to online casinos, online Sportsbook websites entice new users with various bonuses, just like welcome bonuses offering free credits, match bonuses, profit boosts and much more. These offers may appear highly attractive to new players, and choosing a B2B company which includes an abundant bonus engine will definitely be beneficial for the sportsbook.
  • Customer Support – Swift and comprehensive support is super important not only for casinos and sportsbooks, but also for sports betting affiliate programs. It should be available 24/7 through various platforms such as phone, email, or live chat.
  • Security – Given the abundance of online bookmakers, ensuring the validity of the provider is of paramount importance. Some platforms may not prioritize security or may offer mediocre odds. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for an authorized B2B to guarantee a safe and trustworthy wagering experience. Also prioritize user safety, privacy, and software security. Choose providers that integrate robust risk management systems to safeguard customers and their information.
  • Enhanced Payment Support – When expanding your business internationally, managing payments can be challenging. Therefore, we recommend selecting a sportsbook solution provider that offers a comprehensive payment system. Look for one that includes trending and secure payment gateways, robust finance risk management tools, support for multiple currencies, and other essential features. Having such a payment gateway in place will streamline your operations and enable seamless transactions on a global scale. Take a glance at our latest article about best casino payment solutions

Benefits of partnering with online sportsbook software providers

Looking for a sportsbook software provider? In the fast-moving iGaming industry, enriched with various benefits software is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. Companioning with a trustworthy betting software provider suggests several benefits:

  1. Expanding your reach: With established software, target audiences can be reached through precise marketing campaigns across different online channels, offering a broader diapason of games for a better audience engagement.
  2. Enhanced analytics: Access more accurate risk predictions, real-time event reporting tools, and a selection of sportsbook software options, allowing for better risk management and deeper insights into client preferences.
  3. Improved security: Reliable suppliers make sure the highest safety standards and certifications, including encryption for data protection, building trust among clients regarding data security measures.
  4. Business process automation: Utilize AI-based tools and robust software to automate processes, enabling faster betting, smoother transactions, and even algorithm creation for games.
  5. Boost brand awareness: Uniting forces with a trustworthy supplier elevates brand recognition, offering opportunities for collaboration on marketing campaigns and getting exceptional website design to enhance brand visibility among operators and clients.
  6. Diverse Features: The sportsbook software provider offers a wide range of unique and engaging features, extending beyond sports betting to include online casinos, roulette games, and more. This makes users to have the flexibility to choose the type of wager they wish to place.


What are the main red flags to consider while choosing a sportsbook provider?

During the process of choosing a sports betting software supplying company, it’s crucial to be vigilant for certain red flags. These signs encompass a lack of licensing and regulation, subpar user assistance, delays or unreliability in payments, and a track record of engaging in fraudulent activities. It’s advisable to steer clear of providers that display any of these indicators.

How much will it cost to partner with a sportsbook software provider?

The trend of sportsbook integration is gaining huge popularity within iGaming companies due to its tailored and adaptable features. Generally, these solutions offered by betting software providers are priced between $30,000 to $40,000, though costs may reach to $50,000 for specialized features like cutting-edge technology, advanced specifications, and seamless payment integration. Various elements influence the total expense of premium sports betting software solutions, including the developer’s location, feature complexity, sophisticated tech infrastructure, as well as payment integration, advanced reporting, and platform design.

Why is betting software essential?

Betting software serves as the foundation of an all-encompassing sports betting service for bookmakers. Without a doubt, nearly every sports wagering website depends on some form of betting software, be it for the bookmaker interface, calculating betting odds, or providing Live In-Play data, which may also feature live streaming integration.

Which sportsbook software B2B is the best?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer concerning the best wagering software providers because the market is continuously changing to satisfy the preferences and interests of bettors. However, GIG and Kambi are often regarded as top players in bringing a user-centric website navigation and accurate betting odds. On the other hand, Betradar stands out as a market leader in supplying live data. It’s important to note that the industry’s dynamics are subject to change as user preferences and demands continue to shift.


Choosing the right sportsbook software provider is of utmost importance when setting up your casino, as these providers serve as the foundation for the operator’s success. The iGaming industry has experienced remarkable increase, leading to the emergence of few renowned brands that cater to the diverse requirements of top operators. While we have discussed the key factors to consider when selecting a software provider, reaching a final decision remains challenging due to the multitude of factors that demand evaluation.