BETBY and Fortune Jack have joined forces

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BETBY and Fortune Jack have joined forces

FortuneJack, a prominent crypto gambling platform, has recently united powers with BETBY, a prominent sportsbook industry member, to introduce its cuttingedge products, marking a momentous achievement.

This deal signifies a major advancement in FortuneJack’s gradual pursuit of bringing an unparalleled wagering practice. By partnering with BETBY, the platform guarantees its users to connect to efficient, abundant tools, and an aesthetically pleasing sportsbook.

Users can effortlessly explore a large diapason of sports, encompassing both popular and niche categories. The platform excels in its enhanced accessibility, providing a soughtafter path for all sports wagering enthusiasts. It proudly presents a staggering collection of over 700K games spanning over 80 sports.

One of the notable highlights is the inclusion of a feature that gives audiences to examine their wagering history in any cryptocurrency, highlighting the platform’s commitment to its cryptocentric format.

Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at BETBY, mentioned:

We take great pleasure in leveraging our background to collaborate with likeminded companies, and our team is dazed to contribute to the development of FortuneJack’s stateoftheart sportsbook. Our partner, a trailblazer in the world of crypto casinos, has showcased its dedication to advancement and leadership. With a focus on user satisfaction, the platform embodies great design, a diverse array of wagering options, and comfortable functionality. We are more than confident that FortuneJack’s users will value and make excellent use of this exceptional product.

The CEO at FortuneJack, Boris Kiknadze said:

BETBY has solidified its position as a prominent global brand, renowned for creating captivating products. Recognizing their rich practice, we needed their collaboration to make sure our sportsbook platform made a remarkable influence, and we are confident that we have accomplished just that. This collaboration reflects our unwavering commitment to advancement in the wagering realm, ensuring that we distinguish ourselves within the industry and provide our users with an engaging and exceptional experience.

Furthermore, players can track their transaction history by choosing the appropriate crypto from the currency menu, showcasing a strong dedication to clearness and empowering players with control over their financial activities.