BETBY enhances partnership portfolio with Vegangster

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BETBY enhances partnership portfolio with Vegangster

BETBY, the pioneering sportsbook supplier, has enlarged its list of companions by reaching an agreement with Vegangster, a prominent iGaming supplier.

Under this companionship, BETBY’s state-of-the-art sportsbook solution, known for its success in both emerging and established markets, will now be available for Vegangster’s clients.

The BETBY sportsbook offers a vast collection of about 150,000 monthly events and over 3,000 wagering markets, making it highly adaptable. Furthermore, it includes Betby.Games, their top in-house esports portfolio, as an integral part of their sportsbook offering.

Betby.Games encompass some of the world’s most popular virtual sports, such as e-soccer, e-basketball, and e-tennis, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to provide a user-friendly and intuitive esports product.

This collaboration will enrich the wagering practice for Vegangster’s customers, as BETBY’s comprehensive array suggests over 700,000 betting opportunities.

Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at BETBY, said:

Expanding our network of partners is a constant source of excitement for us, and the prospect of collaborating with Vegangster fills us with anticipation. Their admirable principles align perfectly with our own, and we eagerly anticipate the integration of our products and solutions. This incorporation will undoubtedly elevate our offerings, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled practices to our valued customers.

Daria Filipska, CCO at Vegangster, said:

We hold BETBY’s esteemed reputation in high regard, and their remarkable pace of innovation has led to the development of an impressive product portfolio. We are confident that this portfolio will significantly enhance customer engagement for our brand. We eagerly anticipate the commencement of a productive companionship that promises mutual benefits for both our organizations.

With over 80 agreements under its belt and a host of internal capabilities, Vegangster has established itself as a comprehensive center for iGaming and sports betting material. It provides one of the most complete aggregation services in the market.