Betby to unveil new esports betting update

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Betby to unveil new esports betting update

Betby, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions and extensive esports coverage, has introduced a significant odds update to its Betby.Games esports feed, aimed at enhancing player engagement in its esoccer offerings.

Timed with the 2023/2024 season of Europe’s top-flight tournament, this update brings real-sport championship draws for the quarterfinal matchups: Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich; Real Madrid vs. Manchester City; Atlético Madrid vs. Dortmund; and PSG vs. Barcelona.

Further odds updates will follow for subsequent competition stages.

The Betby.Games esports odds feed ensures constant content availability, seamlessly integrated with streaming, enabling bookmakers to enrich their esports portfolios and bridge any content gaps. The continuous odds feed updates offer players fresh and pertinent content, extending engagement well beyond the typical 90-minute timeframe of traditional sports.

Krill Nekrasov, Head of Betby.Games, stated:

We closely monitor major tournament updates and adapt our esports feeds accordingly, ensuring alignment with ongoing European tournament activities. This strategic approach ensures that betting enthusiasts remain at the forefront, enjoying a swift matchplay betting experience.

Recognizing esports’ significance as a potent cross-selling tool, Betby.Games’ latest update caters to the demand for consistent content amid the sporadic nature of live sports events.