BETBY unveils Supercharged Content for Euro and Copa America

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BETBY unveils Supercharged Content for Euro and Copa America

BETBY, a leading sports betting partner, has unveiled an enhanced Euro and Copa America offering across its partner network ahead of this summer’s football festivities.

This new sportsbook feature aims to elevate the betting experience, adding an extra layer of excitement for players.

Bookmakers within the BETBY partner network can now launch dedicated Euro and Copa America tournament pages in their sportsbooks. These pages will offer streaming, display qualification odds within the competition bracket, provide a wide range of outrights, and feature pre-made combo bets. Additionally, new betting markets, particularly focused on live fast markets, will be introduced.

Players can also participate in Betby.Games’ e-soccer tournament, modeled after the Euro and Copa America formats. This tournament will simulate the full structure of both competitions, offering matchups during the live game breaks.

BETBY has also rolled out a dedicated tournament across its partner network, allowing players from various brands to compete in a single event. This tournament includes a detailed ranking system, achievements, and social interactions, giving participants the chance to compete for a substantial prize pool generously sponsored by BETBY.