BetComply, RiskCherry and White Coral join forces

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BetComply, RiskCherry and White Coral join forces

BetComply, a compliance consultancy, RiskCherry, an independent test lab, and White Coral, a legal advisory firm, have joined forces in a strategic alliance.

This collaboration equips them to deliver a comprehensive service to igaming suppliers seeking to introduce their products into new markets.

This initiative arose from direct input from game studios struggling to navigate the myriad advisories and consultancies required for new market launches. By merging their expertise, BetComply, RiskCherry, and White Coral offer a streamlined and cohesive experience, culminating in the acquisition of the necessary licenses or certifications for suppliers.

BetComply will handle pre-compliance testing, technical requirement comprehension, and policy drafting. RiskCherry will manage testing, inspection, and certification processes, while White Coral will provide legal coverage, including software agreements and sales contracts.

Daniel Brookes, CEO of BetComply, highlighted:

The process of launching content in new markets has long been disjointed and vexing. By partnering with RiskCherry and White Coral, we’re poised to eradicate guesswork, opacity, and numerous hidden costs. This isn’t merely streamlining; it’s setting a groundbreaking standard for the industry.

Mihael Mladenov, COO of RiskCherry, stated:

We’re thrilled to join forces with BetComply and White Coral for this game-changing initiative. It unites three of the most forward-thinking companies in their respective domains, offering a comprehensive solution for games suppliers.

Steven Matsell, Managing Partner and Founder of White Coral, emphasized the company’s focus on simplifying legal complexities:

White Coral has always prioritized cutting through legal intricacies. Teaming up with BetComply and RiskCherry, we’re now positioned to provide our services in a manner that further streamlines the process for suppliers. This marks a significant victory for any business seeking faster and more cost-effective agreement completions.