Betegy launches latest marketing innovation, Creative Studio

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Betegy launches latest marketing innovation, Creative Studio

Creative Studio is going to be the latest addition to Betegy’s technology platform.

Tailored to the iGaming and online wagering industries, Creative Studio will allow Betegy’s clients to drastically enhance the results of their marketing campaigns thanks to its custom-generated content that makes extensive use of various data points.

The new extension will give customers the ability to create over a thousand marketing pieces in the form of images and animated clips. It will allow base content to be loaded through apps like Photoshop and will require no programming knowledge to operate.

Creative Studio will also automatically detect and adjust dynamic fields in any piece of media using data supplied to it, such as wagering odds. Combined with its automatic updating feature, which utilizes a dedicated server that’s designed for high throughput applications, this feature will be quite beneficial to sports betting companies, as their advertisements will have up-to-date and accurate data at all times.

Furthermore, the new solution features unique localization and compliance elements, allowing clients to create multiple campaigns for several markets, with all of them being perfectly aligned with local regulations, from one application.

Creative Studio also integrates top-quality analytics, helping customers track the progress and performance of their campaigns and reach their targets.

Lastly, Betegy plans on having the new solution on display at the upcoming ICE London 2023 event, at their N1-440 stand.

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, Creative Studio. It will enable gambling companies all over the world to generate campaigns custom-tailored to different jurisdictions with just a click of a button. We are looking forward to seeing Creative Studio go live with our clients.

commented the chief executive officer of Betegy, Alex Kornilov.

Next week at the ICE London 2023 show our visitors will get the chance to experience our innovative new offering and validate its excellent results. We are eager to see it get integrated with our customers in the near future.

remarked the chief marketing officer of Betegy, Eugenie Golovina.