BETER appoints Maria Mashchenko as Sports General Manager

BETER appoints Maria Mashchenko as Sports General Manager

Maria Mashchenko will be serving as BETER’s latest Sports General Manager.

Having been with the firm for over 2 years in the position of the chief operating officer, Mashchenko has a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill that will help BETER in their ambitious expansion strategy.

This new promotion comes as a result of the firm’s long-term goals of strengthening each one of its product categories by dedicating specialized teams to tackle the development of each vertical.

Maria has played quite an important role in the success of our sports division since she joined the company a couple of years ago. She has helped us deliver some of the highest quality and most feature-rich sports wagering services in the industry. Now in a brand new role, we are certain that Maria will be able to expand on our success and help us further solidify our market leading position.

remarked the chief executive officer of BETER, Gal Ehrlich.

Back in 2018, when BETER Sports had just launched, it offered only a single table tennis tournament as part of its services, however, since then we have managed to grow massively, and I am proud to have been a part of this rapid expansion. Working with our professional team we will undoubtedly be able to accomplish much greater achievements and expand even further.

commented the new appointee, Maria Mashcehnko.