Beter creates innovative esports betting UI

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Beter creates innovative esports betting UI

Beter has developed a new user interface specifically tailored towards next-gen esports bettors.

The iGaming provider Beter has revealed its new user interface system that is specifically designed for players betting on esports. The new front-end is a unique step away from the traditional sports betting interfaces, with social-media-like recommendations based on popularity and the individual player’s interests.

The company believes that drastic changes like those are the only ways forward with the newest generation of players. Integrating engagement boosts such as suggestions and communications, of course, is one of the most important ones.

According to Beter, their new customer experience solution will capture a broader audience of players that are interested in esports betting, as it has a large catalog of events and betting odds, in addition to the engagement algorithms discussed above.

Lastly, Beter provides operators a quick and painless setup process for easy integration with their iFrame. Furthermore, it also supplies tools for operations management.