Betr has debuted partnership with WagerWire

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Betr has debuted partnership with WagerWire

Betr, a specialist in microbetting in the US, started a strategic cooperation with WagerWire, a prominent sports wagering marketplace developer.

The main goal of WagerWire is to give gamblers more control over their wagers, effectively treating them as assets that can be purchased and sold whenever they want.

WagerWire’s in-house marketplace tech is highly versatile, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into sportsbook apps. Additionally, it is accessible through WagerWire’s own app, which is an aggregated marketplace for bets across a network of companioning sportsbooks. This technology facilitates a more engaging and flexible betting experience for users.

Notably, WagerWire also operates its own media network, generating daily sports betting content across various social media platforms, thereby enhancing the engagement and entertainment value for sports bettors.

The companionship between Betr and WagerWire is aimed at setting Betr apart in an industry that is inundated with commoditized products. Initially focused on microbetting markets, Betr enlarged its products earlier to include traditional core betting markets, aligning its offerings more closely with what competitors offer in the US market.

The integration of WagerWire’s technology represents a significant leap forward for Betr, making it the first operator to combine microbetting, classic betting, and secondary markets within a single platform.

WagerWire’s Chief Executive Zach Doctor, mentioned:

Other markets are now commonplace for products like concert tickets, trading cards, and even clothing, but up until recently, they were noticeably absent from the world of sports wagering.  The technology used by WagerWire adds a completely new dimension that significantly improves the fan experience. Betr team has excelled as both a media firm and an online casino operator, and we have the utmost regard for their incredible accomplishments.

Betr founder and CEO Joey Levy added:

Our team is thrilled to unite forces with the WagerWire team, as we both recognize the immense potential for making better the sports wagering player practices with advanced products. We eagerly anticipate involving their tech into our upcoming V1 sportsbook platform, built on the Chameleon platform, scheduled to launch next year.

Beyond this technology integration, Betr and WagerWire are set to collaborate on various new media projects. They will kick off this cooperation by co-producing their first original video series later this year, with additional projects in the pipeline. This partnership promises to bring exciting new possibilities to the world of sports betting and content creation.