Betr launches its app in the US

Betr launches its app in the US

Betr has been published as the first micro-betting-only wagering application in the United States.

The micro-betting tailored Betr app has recently launched in the United States. The app will be one of the firsts of its kind, helping customers micro-wager on different events in a sports match.

The main attraction of the app will be micro betting, as it will feature a ton of in-game wagering options. The app will also feature a specially designed user interface to facilitate betting quickly and easily.

The application will initially be available across the entirety of the United States as a free-to-play offering. It will also be made available in select states for playing with real cash over the course of a few months, while the company is working towards getting appropriate gambling licenses.

The chief executive of Betr, Joey Levy, stated:

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our app as a free-to-play service. We believe that a free-to-play experience that is available everywhere in the United States will be a great way to get players interested in micro-betting. Later on, those players have a high chance of converting into paying customers and playing with real money when we get our regulatory certifications and roll out our real wagering services in a few states.

The lead of products at the company, Alex Ursa, said:

We are excited to have launched our innovative services in the United States. We believe that micro-betting is the future of the sports betting industry and that companies that jump on board early will get a jumpstart that’ll really be felt when the entire industry rushes to make the transition.

During the initial free-to-play period of the operation, players will be able to play with credits that will later be able to be used to obtain special awards and prizes.