Betsson presents industry-changing marketing concept

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Betsson presents industry-changing marketing concept

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Betsson, and in celebration, the company is announcing a fresh marketing initiative – “Elevate the Difference with Every Bet.”

This fresh concept builds upon the latest partnerships, emphasizing that wagering is about enhancing thrill than aiming solely at tremendous victories. This is mainly crafted internally, showcasing Betsson Group’s most aspiring marketing step so far. These ads are still planned to be launched across more than 10 EU and LatAm locations.

Among Betsson’s portfolio, the lately experienced remarkable expansion within LatAm – recent appointment as the primary sponsor for the renowned Argentine FC, Boca Juniors.

The Chief Executive of Betsson Group, Jesper Svensson mentioned:

During our journey of extending the company’s influence in diverse markets, we’ve set up an internal global center. I’m thrilled to introduce our boldest advertisement to date, further cementing Betsson’s position as the most captivating brand in the sector.

At the heart of this fresh concept lies the fundamental thrill of wagering, transcending a sole aim at earnings.

Kay Höök, Global Brand Director at Betsson mentioned:

We are not enabled to dictate the exhilaration of a match or promise victories, but we can ensure our clients that by making a wager, whether modest or substantial, they will magnify the thrill. While numerous other wagering firms concentrate on substantial, rapid triumphs, our priority is to embrace the thrill in its own right and the enriched amusement that wagering bestows.

To emphasize this idea, the ad vividly portrayed the metamorphosis of an ostensibly ordinary and uninspiring match into a remarkable and intensely electrifying encounter, all triggered by a single individual making a bet among the spectators. The movie was created by the experienced Rodrigo Saavedra. The advertisement accentuates the thrill of gambling as a form of fun, diverting the focus away from the usual concentration on triumphant earnings.

Kay Höök further supplemented:

Our objective is to elevate the fun quotient and amplify the thrill for our clientele. While the chance for winnings persists, we’re intent on steering clear of letting the allure of victory only shape our partnership. The idea hidden behind this is that engaging in safer gambling promises a heightened experience of thrill, irrespective of the outcome.

For Betsson, this industry-changing marketing notion signifies a substantial step forward in reforming the iGaming sector and reimagining the very nature of entertainment via conscientious involvement.