Better Collective to acquire Torcedores media platform

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Better Collective to acquire Torcedores media platform, a renowned sports media brand, was fully purchased by Better Collective, and the financial side of the deal has not been made public.

The media aims at football coverage, but it also extends its reporting to encompass other sports activities.

This acquisition encompasses all of’s assets, enabling Better Collective to assume full operational control. According to the affiliate, the procurement is justified as a critical decision that will increase its reach and firmly establish its place as a top media companion for advertisers in the South American market.

Additionally, the procurement underscores the importance of’s extensive community of content suppliers within the country. Better Collective has plans to explore different income sources, going beyond traditional advertising, as part of its strategic vision for the site.

Chief Executive of South American Better Collective, Simon HovmandStilling mentioned:

Our team is overjoyed about the inaugural foray into the Brazilian sports brand arena. This brand aligns seamlessly with our strategy, promising an extended reach and increased sports content generation. Consequently, this expansion will enhance our relevance to our valued companions. South America, particularly Brazil, stands out as a pivotal development catalyst for Better Collective, matching harmoniously with our strategy of establishing itself as the foremost online sports media conglomerate. To create a dominant presence, we recognize that localization and the cultivation of robust media companies are necessary. The procurement of the Brazilian sports media company seamlessly integrates with this overarching strategy.

The CEO of the affiliate further elaborated on how Brazil presents “remarkable avenues for development,” as the company contemplates the application of its esteemed M&A strategy, previously employed in the EU and North America.