BGaming develops brand-new algorithm

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BGaming develops brand-new algorithm

The software development team of BGaming made a brand-new algorithm for lowering the fifty percent operators’ weight of games portfolio and also the time it takes to load the games.

This algorithm is created to help players who have problems with internet and Virtual Private Network limitations. It will also lessen the portfolio weight by lowering the size of games. As a result, the game will now load in a fraction of the time it used to.

The new BGaming software works by lessening the game’s graphics, taking each file and reducing it to a smaller size, without harming the quality of the product.

The software has many useful features. For example, it does not need manual configuration, as the algorithm is made in a way that it is going to be smaller the size of the image on its own.

The medium file size reduction performed by the BGaming algorithm ranges from 16.4 MB to 7.3 MB. The heaviest file was lowered by 51% compared to a 38 MB file.

“At first sight image compression automation is way so simple, but not one already made solution is capable of providing optimization and not changing the quality. We chose a really difficult method and improved our own algorithm to meet our requirements and the needs of clients. We have accelerated the time it takes to load games and we will keep working in this method to offer players only quality experience.”

commented Y.  Kuvetski, who is a Front-end developer at BGaming

“Just like other operators, we consider Africa and Latin America to be a region that is full of potential, and we know that new opportunities bring many difficulties with them. Entering the Nigerian market requires operators to offer content which is lighter.”

added A. Novitski, who works as a game provider manager at N1 Partners.

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