BGaming launched new game – Wild Chicago

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BGaming launched new game – Wild Chicago

BGaming, the leading iGaming content provider, extends a thrilling invitation to players to immerse themselves in a riveting world where an extraordinary crew of armed animals embarks on a daring quest to dominate Chicago’s underworld.

In this enthralling narrative, players will accompany a suave crocodile, who leads an ensemble of fierce animal mafiosos determined to assert their dominance over rival factions. Picture these sophisticated creatures donning impeccable Italian suits, cruising the streets in sleek black cars, and indulging in the luxury of expensive cigars.

At the helm of this formidable gang stands the strong crocodile, a true force to be reckoned with on the streets of Chicago. Accompanying him are equally intimidating allies: a pig, a lizard, and a lion adorned with bling that speaks volumes about their influence and status. Brace yourself for an adrenalinepumping adventure filled with highstakes action and the pursuit of supremacy in this captivating world of armed animal prowess.

As players align themselves with the gang and strive for supremacy over their adversaries, they have the unique chance to accumulate victories by aligning numbers, letters, and symbols on the reels.

The Wild crocodile symbol adds an extra layer of excitement, as it doubles the winnings when it appears in a winning combination. Scatters grant users regardless of their position on the reels. Landing 3,4,5 Scatters triggers the highly coveted Free Spin play, wherein every earning is increased by three. What’s more, this mode has no set limit and can restart multiple times, offering players boundless chances to amass incredible rewards.

The coCPO at BGaming, Yulia Aliakseeva mentioned:

We are glad to deliver our audiences the thrill of Wild Chicago, where they can morph into formidable mobsters. Within the depths of the criminal underbelly, they will be accompanied by a comical yet fearsome crocodile, who eagerly anticipates their assistance in amassing a fortune by seizing stacks of cash from rival adversaries.

Players will delve into Chicago’s underworld. With an impressive maximum multiplier of x4684 and a tantalizing maximum win of93,680, users are encouraged to explore every facet of this captivating realm, in chase of thrilling rewards that await in the shadows.

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