BGaming promises funky art collaboration at ICE London 2024

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BGaming promises funky art collaboration at ICE London 2024

Renowned iGaming company, BGaming, is preparing for ICE London 2024 with its inaugural artist collaboration of the year, showcasing the futuristic creations of a seasoned graffiti artist from the city.

In this innovative partnership, the studio has joined forces with British muralist Mr Cenz, popular for his captivating renditions of the company’s flagship game characters such as Elvis Frog, Aztec Magic also Book of Cats. These vibrant interpretations will be presented at BGamings booth, marking the 5th installment of their artistic collaborations.

For this project, Mr Cenz has opted for a fresh approach, returning to his artistic origins by handdrawing designs and spraypainting them onto wooden panels in his studio. The resulting images will be smoothly involved in the booth’s overall aesthetic. Beyond eye-catching displays, Mr Cenzs unique creations will extend to limitededition merchandise and exclusive gifts for BGamings companions.

The Chief Executive at BGaming, Marina Ostrovtsova commented:

This year, we’re thrilled to make our comeback at ICE London as an even more expansive and dynamic studio, buoyed by our substantial development throughout 2023. Our unwavering dedication to crafting imaginative practices for our audiences is evident in our ongoing commitment to unique local artist partnerships. Partnering with the talented Mr Cenz, we’ve crafted an electrifying booth that not only showcases our enthusiasm but is poised to captivate both longstanding and prospective partners. We believe it will catalyze engaging discussions and inspiration as we embark on the exciting journey that lies ahead in the coming year.

Graffiti artist, Mr Cenz, mentioned:

This was an enjoyable project. The task of depicting the characters in my distinctive style presented a significant challenge, particularly with the animals. My usual artistic approach leans towards a more photorealistic style, but in this case, I relished the opportunity to revisit my graffiti roots and seamlessly merge them with an illustrative technique. Painting these characters proved to be a delightful experience, and I found immense pleasure in breathing life into them with my signature blend of futuristic and funky artistic flow.

This participation at ICE London 2024 means a remarkable and successful year for the B2B company, marked by a staggering 95% increase in GGR, multiple award triumphs, and successful market launches into 10 new territories, underscoring the supplier’s significant growth.

BGaming is a quickly growing iGaming content provider. The company offers high-quality service, multi-currency support and always shows a player-driven approach. Currently the portfolio has more than ...