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Stakelogic Live, the foremost provider of high-quality live casino content to operators in core regulated markets across Europe and around the world, has introduced a fresh, state-of-the-art studio in partnership with Dutch operator, who will be the pioneering beneficiary of this innovative venture.

The novel Chroma Key Studio employs a cutting-edge green screen technology that facilitates extensive customization and personalization options. is set to leverage this capability to provide unparalleled live gaming experiences to its players, a strategic move aimed at setting itself apart from its competitors.

Positioned within the Netherlands, Stakelogic Live’s inaugural Chroma Key Studio offers games presented in Dutch. The studio enables multiple operators to imprint their branding onto each table. Presently, the studio boasts a selection of three games – 7 Seat Blackjack, Absolute Blackjack, European Roulette.

While stands as the pioneer in utilizing Stakelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio, several other operators are gearing up to harness the capabilities of this cutting-edge facility. Its capacity to seamlessly and economically launch branded, tailored live content is poised to transform the industry’s landscape in terms of both expenditure and implementation efficiency.

Olga Bajela, CCO at Stakelogic Live, said:

The inauguration of our Chroma Key Studio in the Netherlands marks a significant achievement for Stakelogic Live. This milestone empowers us to deliver unparalleled branding and table customization opportunities to operators, enabling them to provide genuinely distinctive and captivating player interactions. The exceptional aspect is that this capability is scalable across multiple operators, all from a single table, thereby ensuring limitless scalability that advantages both Stakelogic Live and our partnering operators. The debut of our Chroma Key Studio alongside fills us with excitement. Being the first to savor the enhanced depth of branding and experience it offers truly showcases the potential this studio brings.

Dany Salmon, Casino Product Manager at, added:

The demand for live casino experiences in the Netherlands is immense, and as an operator, our priority is to distinguish ourselves by providing our players with exceptional and distinctive interactions. Leveraging the capabilities of Stakelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio empowers us to achieve precisely that. This avenue not only enhances our brand-player connection but also nurtures trust and solidifies the link between players and as the premier hub for live content in the Netherlands.

This development is just one more instance illustrating Stakelogic Live’s penchant for revolutionizing the live content sector. The provider has undeniably become an essential asset for operators across core European and global markets. Notably, in the Netherlands, Stakelogic has established partnerships with the majority of top-tier brands, solidifying its influence in the region.


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