Caerus signed exclusive partnership with Italian Football League Team

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Caerus signed exclusive partnership with Italian Football League Team

Caerus, a leading predictive analytics company specializing in global sports markets, has secured an exclusive multi-season partnership with a prominent Italian football club.

This collaboration will see Caerus offering its cutting-edge data solutions and predictive models to assist the club in strategic decision-making, including player acquisitions and overall strategy. Notably, this marks the inaugural partnership for Caerus’ newly established Football Services division.

Since its inception in 2020 to serve professional betting syndicates, Caerus has expanded its offerings to provide advanced predictive analytics, modeling, and technology solutions to the sports and sports betting sectors. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in sports modeling and trading, Caerus offers industry-leading data solutions, empowering sports betting operators and clubs worldwide with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

The co-founder of Caerus, Mike Adams, said:

We are thrilled to partner with one of Italy’s most prestigious football clubs. Our unique ratings system and data solutions will deliver a significant competitive edge. This marquee partnership underscores the trust that elite organisations place in Caerus’ capabilities.

The Italian club will utilize Caerus’ extensive ratings system, covering over 130 leagues and 2,000 teams, alongside its advanced football data and analytics.

Adams, boasting over a decade of experience in analytics and risk management with renowned brands like FanDuel and Bet365, said:

This is the first, very important football club signing for Caerus. We are in talks beyond Italy to partner with forward-thinking clubs and multi-club organisations, helping them ascend their respective leagues to compete and win at the highest levels.

This partnership reflects the increasing reliance on data-driven strategies in European football, following the footsteps of successful models seen in Brentford and Brighton. To democratize data-driven models for football clubs globally, Caerus launched its Football Services division this year. It will offer football-specific options including data analytics, strategic consultancy, technical scouting solutions, and global scouting services, aiding clubs in embracing the latest data and technology.