Casino Guru Academy to launch a highly anticipated course

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Casino Guru Academy to launch a highly anticipated course

Casino Guru, a well-known hub for gambling enthusiasts seeking valuable insights into online casinos, has recently introduced a complimentary online course dedicated to “Best Practices in Handling Online Casino Complaints.”

This course is the newest supplement to the extensive curriculum of the Casino Guru Academy and provides a detailed exploration of Casino Guru’s time-tested approaches to resolving complaints effectively. Furthermore, it highlights prominent examples of disputes across various domains, such as delayed payments, deposit issues, blocked accounts, and much more, while also revealing optimal strategies for casino operators to address them.

Casino Guru has a proven track record of addressing complaints. Their 2019-founded Complaint Resolution Centre has been crucial in promoting players‘ equitable and clear behavior. The Centre has methodically handled nearly 30K complaints over the years, successfully resolving more than 8,000 of them and paying out a remarkable $24,030,582 to online casino users in the process. This newest course, which provides operators with an uncommon chance to gain knowledge from the biggest and most renowned dispute resolution center of its kind, is supported by the extensive expertise of Casino Guru’s complaint experts.

Users can finish this helpful course for free in just 90 minutes, and they will receive a certificate as proof of their dedication to improving player support. They get the knowledge and abilities necessary to effectively address player complaints from this learning experience, which eventually helps casinos avoid complaints in the first place. Casinos can therefore strengthen their reputation and improve the entire user practice. The training, which is easily accessible on the Academy’s website, is a crucial step for any operator looking to grow their company and keep a challenging edge in the current player-centric iGaming industry.

Sustainable & Safer Gambling Lead at Casino Guru, Šimon Vincze stated:

The need for our Center’s services has been on a consistent upward trajectory, and there’s no indication that this trend is abating. While it’s reassuring that players keep seeking our assistance, the rising volume of complaints points to potential challenges on the casinos’ side. This course represents the culmination of years of expertise amassed by our dedicated resolution team, and our aspiration is that it reaches its intended audience, enabling operators to address complaints more effectively.

Casino Guru’s dispute resolution team is significant in its annual Casino Guru Awards. TheMost Effective Handling of Complaints” category winner was unveiled in this year’s inaugural awards ceremony, recognizing casinos that consistently prioritize player complaint resolution.

Additionally, the team is crafting an detailed and step-by-step course on unfair rules in online casinos, a followup to the complaints handling course. It will highlight how seemingly advantageous rules in online casinos can lead to more challenges than benefits.