Casino Guru Awards is coming back in 2024

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Casino Guru Awards is coming back in 2024

The highly anticipated Casino Guru Awards is coming back to iGaming enthusiasts, with nominations accepted for one of the most renowned events worldwide.

The forthcoming ceremony will take place next year and will uphold the goal and purpose set forth during its debut event, striving to alter the iGaming industry’s approach to honoring achievements and successes by adopting a new, unbiased method based on transparency.

The success of the previous year’s Awards can be attributed to the meticulous hard work of the team behind. They handled the judges’ assembly and separated a platform for every nominated brand to showcase their merits and persuade the panels. It was a huge success because of the team’s meticulous effort, which allowed each company to make strong cases for their triumph.

By putting together a group of talented individuals, and well-known industry-proficient individuals in a variety of fields, including social accountability and casino rules and regulations, Casino Guru has established a ground-breaking benchmark for holding this type of event. Meanwhile, it incorporates an esteemed panel of judges composed of globally recognized safer gambling experts. This ground-breaking strategy guarantees that the Awards uphold the utmost possible standards and sphere knowledge, establishing a base for holding such important events.

As we venture into 2024, the Casino Guru Awards aims to surpass its previous accomplishments and deliver an even more remarkable event. Our goal is to enhance our track record by making the Awards more ideal and thrilling than ever before. We anticipate a greater influx of applicants vying for recognition, which will contribute to the thrill and anticipation surrounding the event. Together, we are determined to bring to the table an unforgettable practice that exceeds expectations and feasts the finest milestone.

The Casino Guru Awards is currently accepting nominations until October. In the latter stages of the event, which is expected for February, the conquerors will be revealed.

Daniela Kianicová, the Project Lead for Casino Guru Awards, expressed her enthusiasm, stating:

We had no idea how far we can go with this ceremony when we initially started it in 2022. Now, as we embark on a new vol, we have an incredible chance to make a significant influence on iGaming, the way gambling companies and teams are recognized. We are dazed for having nomination categories and it is amazing to see the contributions made by guests once more because our event offers an excellent place for them to highlight the effort they contribute to the industry.

The highly anticipated Casino Guru Awards 2024 will reintroduce 7 nomination titles well-acquainted by previous guests, including:

  • The Most Transparent Casino
  • Voice of the People
  • The Fairest Bonus Policy
  • The Best Implementation of Responsible Gambling (RG) Tools
  • The Most Effective Handling of Complaints
  • The Most Impactful Social Responsibility Initiative
  • The Fairest General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Furthermore, “The Most Ethical Approach to Marketing” is new to the list, underlining the significance of proper marketing strategies and standards for company behavior.

The eagerly anticipated Awards are coming soon, and additional data will become accessible.