Catena Media publishes initial Q4 2022 financial results

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Catena Media publishes initial Q4 2022 financial results

Catena Media has recently published its preliminary financial analysis for the last quarter of 2022, with the headline figure being a projected 30% increase in NA revenue.

The finalized report is expected to be published on the 22nd of February, however, before that the firm has announced its projected results, which show signs of growth.

Starting off with the revenue numbers, the firm is projected to make about 31.5 million euros globally for the period, from which the majority comes from the North American market. It is estimated to account for over 21.5 million euros, which will be about 70% of the group’s total revenue and nearly 80% of its revenue from continued operations.

Furthermore, the North American market’s figure is expected to grow by about 30% compared to 2021’s fourth quarter, signifying a large expansion momentum for the firm in the region. However, its total revenue figures are estimated to stay very close to the prior year’s statistics of just under 32 million euros earned.

Next up, the corporation’s adjusted EBITDA figures are projected to take a slight hit, similar to that of the global revenue statistics, going from just over 13 million euros to 12.7 million. Catena’s EBITDA margin is expected to stay almost the same, going from 41% in 2021 to 40% in 2022.

Apart from the figures, another important thing that will be mentioned in the finalized report is one of the firm’s largest contracts, the sale of AskGamblers for 45 million euros to GiG, which happened in mid-December.