Checkd Group reports record-breaking financial year

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Checkd Group reports record-breaking financial year

The Checkd Group, a prominent player in the iGaming media and technology sector, has announced its most impressive year-end financial results to date. The group’s revenues have surged by 38% over the course of the year.

This remarkable growth can be attributed to several key developments, including the successful launch of the new FlashPicks app in the United States, the strategic licensing of the innovative Smart Acca technology, and the creation of captivating new video content. These initiatives have not only driven increased traffic to the group’s betting partners but have also contributed to the overall expansion of its market presence.

A significant portion of this growth has been fueled by Checkd International, the branch of the group catering to the North American market. This division now accounts for 16% of the total Group revenue. Notably, the FlashPicks app was introduced just in time for the Major League Baseball season and ahead of the anticipated NFL campaign. The app incorporates the Smart Picks betting tool, which is built upon Checkd’s proprietary Smart Acca technology. The FlashPicks brand has seen a substantial boost from the launch in new states and provinces, gaining remarkable traction across various social media platforms due to its distinctive and insightful betting offerings.

Meanwhile, Checkd Dev, the division responsible for pioneering sports betting technology, tools, and solutions, has experienced a noteworthy 35% year-on-year increase in revenues. The team’s accomplishments include successfully managing the Sky Sports Fantasy Football game, including a special edition for the Qatar World Cup. Furthermore, they have continued to advance the talkSPORT EDGE app for News UK, thereby enhancing the experience for listeners by providing up-to-date scores, odds, and enticing betting opportunities.

Checkd Media, the UK-based media division of the Group, achieved a remarkable 25% year-on-year growth in revenues. The introduction of the captivating video series “No Tippy Tappy Football” featuring Sam Allardyce was a notable highlight for the 2022 World Cup. The series not only extended its run until the conclusion of the domestic football season but also earned a renewal for the upcoming 2023-24 campaign due to its exceptional commercial success, effectively benefiting brand partner William Hill.

Alex Beecham, MD at Checkd Group said:

The expansion we are currently witnessing both in our home market and in North America is a testament to the effective team structure within our Group. Building upon the momentum gained last season, we are dedicated to further expanding and enhancing our teams and operations in every division. Our projections indicate that we are poised for comparable levels of growth in the coming year. This prediction is fueled by the opening of new states in North America for operators, the upcoming Euros this summer, and the introduction of supplementary betting technology solutions for our partners.

Significant enhancements were made to the Betting Hub platform, introducing novel features like Tipster Tournaments and exclusive boosted prices accessible through both the app and in-app experiences. These enhancements played a crucial role in driving more than 50,000 new installations. Additionally, the integration of the prominent acquisition and retention platform Xtremepush resulted in substantial improvements in active user rates and customer retention.

The UK-based brands experienced robust growth, attracting a notable 160,000 new followers. This surge was particularly prominent on the flagship brand Footy Accumulators. Across the Atlantic, FlashPicks achieved an impressive milestone of 100,000 new followers across various social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.