Checkd Media expands its podcast content production

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Checkd Media expands its podcast content production

Checkd Group, a fast-moving iGaming enterprise, has revived the beloved I Had Trials Once podcast series in amazing cooperation with Sky Sports Fantasy Football for their latest season debut.

Following its remarkable accomplishment of garnering over 1 mln downloads during the latest season, the highly sought-after podcast has made a comeback on its dedicated YouTube channel. The show continues to be welcomed by the familiar faces of Jordan Hulme, a non-league Radcliffe striker, and Gareth Seddon, formerly a star player for Salford and currently an esteemed football agent.

The latest premiere of the show featured the addition of Paddy Kenny, a former goalkeeper for Leeds and Sheffield United, uniting Jordan and Gareth. The debut generated an immense level of excitement, amassing 9 thousand downloads and surpassing 14K views on YouTube. As a result, I Had Trials Once climbed to the impressive position of number 14 in the Sports podcast charts. The episode garnered attention from various publications, such as SPORTbible and The Sportsman, further amplifying its reach. Additionally, Checkd’s social media channels shared clips from the show, which garnered more than 4 million reaches within just over 7 days.

This relaunch marks the beginning of a six-week series of episodes and represents the latest collaboration with renowned industry brands in the podcast and video realm. These partnerships have consistently fostered strong involvement within Checkd’s extensive network of sports enthusiasts.

The Media Director at Checkd Media UK, Will Tyrrell mentioned:

Following a substantial hiatus from podcasting, our team has received numerous questions from our dedicated listeners for the revival of I Had Trials Once. Our team is dazed to reintroduce the show in a fresh studio while maintaining its exceptional entertainment value. This podcast possesses a distinct quality, attracting fervent and devoted listeners. We are confident that Jordan and Gareth will once again captivate their listeners with their remarkable guests, sharing interesting and captivating stories. Moreover, this revival presents a chance to boost the new Sky Sports Fantasy Football title, which has proven to be a remarkable success story for the Checkd Dev division since their impressive reconstruction of the platform 2 seasons ago.

Checkd Media, a division of Checkd Group, is at the helm of producing the highly anticipated I Had Trials Once podcast, but meanwhile concurrently spearheading the promotion of Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Checkd Dev has been instrumental in powering Sky Sports’ beloved title throughout the previous two seasons. Additionally, Checkd Dev has successfully developed a unique tournament in honor of the upcoming Qatar World Cup, further showcasing their technical prowess and innovation.