Chinese police take back 130 gambling scam suspects from Cambodia

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Chinese police take back 130 gambling scam suspects from Cambodia

Earlier on Saturday, two civilian flights arranged by the police transported 130 suspects involved in gambling and scams back from Cambodia.

This event signifies the initial group of suspects repatriated from Cambodia this year, as part of collaborative efforts between Chinese and Cambodian law enforcement agencies to combat crimes related to gambling and fraud.

In recent times, Chinese and Cambodian authorities have bolstered their partnership to tackle prevalent criminal activities, including cross-border gambling and telecommunications fraud.

This cooperation culminated in a recent joint operation conducted in Cambodia. Throughout the operation, local law enforcement dismantled criminal hubs, apprehended numerous Chinese suspects, and confiscated various tools such as servers, computers, and mobile phones believed to have facilitated criminal activities.

Apart from those repatriated on Saturday, the remaining suspects will be returned via chartered flights at a later time, as confirmed by Chinese authorities. The Ministry of Public Security has pledged to enhance collaborative law enforcement efforts with relevant countries and regions to deter the occurrence of such crimes.