CoinPayments is set for SBC Summit Barcelona 2023

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CoinPayments is set for SBC Summit Barcelona 2023

This year’s SBC Summit series is set to be the largest one yet, giving attendees an amazing showcase of product launches and a star-studded lineup, bringing in over 350 industry professionals, including casinos, B2Bs, affiliates, media representatives, as well as payment providers.

The conference agenda features a one-of-a-kind panel of 450 industry experts, among them Sean Mackay, Chief Executive Officer of CoinPayments. He will be sharing his valuable insights on the “Emulating E-commerce: Payment Leaders’ Acquisition Challenge” topic.

Transactions made with cryptocurrencies offer a special combination of safety and privacy, thereby addressing the drawbacks frequently connected with traditional payment systems. Cryptocurrencies, which operate on decentralized networks, provide an extra layer of protection and anonymity, addressing the main worry of people who are concerned with protecting their private data.

The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies bestows a revolutionary advantage upon iGaming platforms, eliminating the complexities associated with currency conversion and cross-border transactions. This results in a seamless user experience characterized by rapid transaction processing times and reduced fees.

Through the adoption of cryptocurrency payments, iGaming companies can ensure the security and future sustainability of their revenue streams, leading to improved profitability, reduced operational costs, and enhanced credibility.

CoinPayments, a pioneering cryptocurrency payment service, has strengthened its position as the leading portal for processing payments in the iGaming industry. Having successfully addressed significant issues that have historically plagued the iGaming sector, such as chargebacks and payment interruptions, CoinPayments is strengthening its network through strategic alliances in the iGaming industry, reaffirming its commitment to the seamless merger of iGaming and cryptocurrency payments.

The company cordially invites all to join them at Booth E40. CoinPayments team of specialists will be on hand to offer thorough guidance on effortlessly incorporating its iGaming crypto payment solutions into any business processes.