Coljuegos signs MoU with National Health Superintendence

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Coljuegos signs MoU with National Health Superintendence

The Colombian gambling regulator, Coljuegos, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government’s National Health Superintendence to enhance gambling surveillance and streamline the transfer of resources between the two entities.

Coljuegos stated that the agreement would facilitate greater exchange of information and technical expertise on gambling oversight, as well as provide increased funding for scientific research and public health initiatives. Additionally, the MoU will enable stricter monitoring of Raspa&Listo scratch game providers.

Luis Carlos Leal, Superintendent of Health, commented:

After extensive efforts, we have signed an agreement today to combat corruption and improve revenue collection to safeguard the crucial resource of Colombian healthcare. Coordinating efforts within the National Government is essential to enhance health protection across the country.

Marco Emilio Hincapié, President of Coljuegos, added:

This significant boost in resource transfers results from the collaborative efforts of both operators and the regulator. We are committed to strengthening the industry in our regions and increasing health funding.

In a related development, Coljuegos proposed the establishment of an Ibero-American environmental lottery last month. This lottery, envisioned to operate across several Latin American countries, aims to generate funds to address climate change impacts. Hincapié presented this proposal at the eighth Ibero-American Gaming Summit during a panel discussion on the future of gaming in Colombia and Latin America.