ComplianceOne Group to launche new platform – Compass

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ComplianceOne Group to launche new platform – Compass

ComplianceOne Group, a frontrunner in compliance solutions for the iGaming sector, has unveiled Compass, the pioneering platform engineered to automate and bolster compliance operations.

This groundbreaking product empowers gaming operators with a robust toolset to optimize and streamline all regulatory obligations before, during, and long after their launch.

Incorporating the esteemed technical compliance module, Complitech, alongside an additional regulatory module dubbed ComplyInsight, Compass users stand to gain comprehensive benefits.

ComplyInsight stands out as the premier comprehensive compliance monitoring system tailored for B2C, B2B, and affiliate enterprises. It furnishes real-time updates on regulatory shifts and enforcement actions, delivering valuable insights into their ramifications and actionable guidance on addressing them effectively.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO at ComplianceOne Group, expressed that the launch of this consolidated modules platform signifies the group’s strategic positioning as the foremost authority in compliance automation. Zanghi remarked:

We are thrilled to introduce Compass, a game-changing solution poised to revolutionize compliance management within the iGaming industry by providing a sophisticated intelligence platform that automates arduous tasks. Moreover, it offers actionable insights to navigate regulatory complexities, enabling companies and employees to conserve time and resources. We are confident it will prove immensely beneficial to our partners.

In the forthcoming months, Compass will be further reinforced with the integration of DiligentOneAI, an auditing tool leveraging artificial intelligence to enable greater automation.