CT Interactive debuted content deal with ELITBET

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CT Interactive debuted content deal with ELITBET

CT Interactive has achieved further progress in its expansion efforts in Bulgaria, marking another successful milestone. ELITBET has now launched the company’s great content, solidifying its partnership.

This achievement follows closely after CT Interactive’s recent announcement of obtaining certification for a new segment of its continuously enlarging portfolio, specifically tailored for the local audience.

Lachezar Petrov, Chief Executive of CT Interactive, mentioned:

With a strong background in the realm of land-based casinos, ELITBET has lately committed a courageous move to broaden its scope by releasing its website. This is a huge achievement for us that ELITBET has chosen to start with our game selection, recognizing the value and quality of our games. We sincerely anticipate that the addition of CT Interactive’s titles will quickly entice a large number of new users, promoting its expansion and success in no time.

The Head of Business Development at CT Interactive, Milena Tsankarska expressed her assurance that players at ELITBET will enjoy an exceptional gaming experience marked by top-notch quality. She emphasized the inclusion of iconic games tailored for the region, stating:

This partnership presents a remarkable chance for our diverse range of titles and enticing jackpots to achieve a wider audience.

CT Interactive stands out as a premier online software supplier, offering over 2 hundred HTML5 gaming content and innovative jackpots that cater to every platform.

Yusein Dalov, Chief Executive of ELITBET, conveyed his confidence in CT Interactive’s content, which have garnered immense popularity among a new audience. He affirmed that with the game library integrated into their platform, ELITBET will swiftly establish itself among the country’s top gaming destinations.