CT Interactive expands in Czech Republic with Fortuna

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CT Interactive expands in Czech Republic with Fortuna

CT Interactive has recently announced its latest success in extending its foothold into the Czech Republic, with its exclusive content now accessible at Fortuna.

Milena Tsankarska, Chief of BD at CT Interactive, remarked:

Fortuna stands as a well-established casino operator, bringing excellent offerings to its clientele. We take immense pride in the presence of our games on their platform. To curate an unparalleled gambling practice for local users, we’re organizing a unique tournament featuring our best and most loved titles.

The Chief of Marketing at Fortuna, Nela Christovová added:

Renowned in the industry, CT Interactive is distinguished by its games, renowned for their impeccable mathematical models, crisp animations, and lifelike soundscapes. With the upcoming tournament hosted by the company, we are more than sure of our ability to draw in new users.

The CRM Manager at CT Interactive, Smilena Ilieva mentioned:

Our entertainment gaming content has garnered significant popularity within the Czech Republic, and in the upcoming months, we’re ready to expand our suggestions for this location.

CT Interactive will initiate a one-of-a-kind tourney, which will be available from Aug 14-20, boasting a prize amount of 4000 euros.