CT Interactive to get content certification in Croatia

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CT Interactive to get content certification in Croatia

Croatian market has got a particular selection of CT Interactive‘s game offerings approved and from now on local players can enjoy the provider’s best games.

This certification provides Croatia-based players with the opportunity to access CT Interactive’s games without any restriction. A broad selection of titles with amazing themes and tools are included in the exclusive collection.

Head of BD EMEA at CT Interactive, Milena Tsankarska mentioned:

This certification marks a crucial achievement for our brand, giving us an opportunity to extend our reach and make our content accessible to a broader player base. Our titles are meticulously crafted to bring an adventurous gambling practice for our players. We’re eagerly anticipating the enjoyment these games will bring to Croatian players.

Lucky 3 Penguins, Dark Woods, The Great Sevens, and the awardwinning Win Storm, known as the Online Game of the Year, are among the titles that have received certification. Each of the games offers a distinct adventure with a selection of various and engaging themes with additional game features.