CT Interactive’s new slot games go live in Bulgaria

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CT Interactive’s new slot games go live in Bulgaria

CT Interactive has unveiled a fresh installment of an enticing assortment of slot games designed for Bulgaria.

With a dedication to delivering unmatched fun and immersive gaming practices, these latest additions are created to align with the needs and demands of Bulgarian audiences.

Bulgarian player base can currently explore CT Interactive’s exclusive set of fruit-themed slot games, featuring one-of-a-kind playability, vibrant animations, and lively sound effects that exude cheerfulness. The well-crafted fruit symbols add a touch of instant recognition to the gaming experience.

In addition to the classic fruit-themed slots, customers will have the opportunity to indulge in cutting-edge and advanced titles. The latter boasts a 5×5 layout, enabling more combos and interactions on the screen.

The Head of Customer Relationship Manager at CT Interactive, Silvia Hristova mentioned:

Our team is glad to present these incredible titles that seamlessly blend captivating gameplay mechanics, visually stunning designs, and thrilling promotions, promising an extraordinary gaming practice.

These freshly certified games comprises some of CT Interactive’s finest titles, poised for a seamless launch with casinos.