Danish Gambling Authority join powers with ULIS

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Danish Gambling Authority join powers with ULIS

Spillemyndigheden, the gambling regulating body in Denmark, has united powers with the ULIS and made it a new associate member.

The General Secretary of ULIS, Luca Esposito commented:

Guaranteeing an equitable gambling market in Denmark is a top priority for the Danish regulating body. We are sure that fostering partnership is essential in assuring the involvement of sports wagering. It is a great achievement to collaborate with them as their Associate Member, a governmental authority.

Spillemyndigheden gets valuable availability to ULIS’s comprehensive sources and proficiency in the realm of sports activity. They will get the chance to actively take part in a variety of occasions and operations run by ULIS, such as events, meetings as well as and workshops.

Spillemyndigheden holds the crucial accountability of ensuring a meticulously regulated gambling market in Denmark, where users are safeguarded against not trustworthy and illicit gambling practices. Their pivotal goals encompass granting authorizations for gambling provision, overseeing entertainment companies, and diligently supervising the industry. The Danish Regulating body is also the secretariat for the Danish National Platform, which vigorously fights against organized sports.

ULIS, an NPO, is dedicated to fostering involvement and fairness in the realm of sports wagering. As an association, ULIS serves as a global representative for lotteries and collaborates closely with sportsrelated organizations and regulatory bodies. Its main goal is to tackle matchfixing and other types of misconduct that jeopardize sportsintegrity.