DAZN established partnership with GeoComply

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DAZN established partnership with GeoComply

In an exciting development, DAZN, a renowned sports streaming company, has recently entered into a fresh partnership with GeoComply, a topnotch supplier of antifraud and cybersecurity solutions.

This new partnership aims to fortify DAZN’s content against potential fraud and cyberattacks.

DAZN is the world’s top platform for watching live sports and entertainment, with an astounding 20 million paying users spread across 200 nations. Maintaining price differential among their large worldwide player base is essential for DAZN’s successful business model. DAZN has used GeoComply’s cuttingedge tech to accomplish this, ensuring a safe and credible solution that firmly enforces geoblocking and considerably decreases the danger of fraudful actions.

The General Manager at GeoComply, James Clark mentioned:

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable content, GeoGuard stands out as the topnotch service. Be it securing availability to tierone sports content, movies, or other content, GeoGuard can be relied upon to effectively thwart fraudsters and prevent any type of malicious activities. The enthusiasm is high as we will be partnering with DAZN, which has decided to commence with the deployment of GeoGuard.

Sandeep Tiku, CTO at DAZN, said:

At DAZN, the significance of fraud prevention cannot be overstated. With the responsibility of streaming major sporting events to many global viewers every year, safeguarding our business is of utmost importance. Throughout our latest evaluation testing of various tools, GeoGuard surpassed all expectations, showcasing exceptional capabilities. It is with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with GeoComply as our new partner. Their expertise and solutions align perfectly with our commitment to ensuring a safe and seamless streaming experience for our valued audience.

GeoGuard employs an innovative regulation engine and stateoftheart technology to detect an impressive 98% of all incognito IPs. GeoGuard delivers unmatched defense against location spoofing tactics due to its extremely reliable rate and regular updates.