Delasport partners with Ocean88 to bring Turnkey Solution

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Delasport partners with Ocean88 to bring Turnkey Solution

A new casino operator, Ocean88 Limited, is making waves in the iGaming industry under an Isle of Man license.

With an epic launch ahead, Ocean88 is partnering with industry leader Delasport, which will provide a comprehensive Casino turnkey solution, including their award-winning managed services.

Though Ocean88 is introducing a new brand, the team is composed of seasoned industry veterans ensuring swift success. Many of the experts in key roles have decades of experience, leading them to partner with the reputable software and services provider, Delasport.

Ocean88 plans to build a unique front-end using Delasport’s API, offering flexibility and control over player experience and design.

Additionally, Ocean88 will benefit from Delasport’s latest innovations. One such feature is “My Casino,” a personalization tool allowing players to customize their lobby to quickly access preferred genres, types, or specific games upon entering the site.

Another notable feature is the Booster Panel, designed for mobile UIs, which provides easy in-game access to the Deposit button, Meta Jackpot, and other extras.

Ocean88 players will also enjoy the Hot and Cold categories, enabling them to choose between slots with high recent payouts (hot) or those with fewer recent winnings (cold).

Rosaire Galea Cavallaro, VP of Business Development at Delasport, stated:

We have significantly strengthened our Casino products over the last year and are proud to offer the best casino experience available. Ocean88 players will soon enjoy enhanced features like cross-provider jackpots and quick in-game deposits on mobile devices.

Ocean88 CEO David B. commented:

Having a strong partner is essential for running a successful operation. We sought a partner to support all product aspects and help us stand out in the market. Delasport’s solution, with its full API suite, allows us to develop our own front-end and fully control the user experience.

The partnership between Delasport and Ocean88 is set to go live later this year.

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